Dear Blog … 12.07 – 10/03/19


Finally Good News Is Afoot or Ashoulder!

I have a pre-assessment appointment on the 13th March – which is good news – with view to the proceedure on the 27th! Hopefully, this means that once the proceedure has been done l will feel the effects and l will be back to me again! I am ignoring all the woe tiders who tell me that this proceedure only has a 25% success ratio! I am trying to be more upbeat and motivated about it – let’s be optimistic!

I will not even say my usual signature saying of WCGW – and if you need that spelled out, then you are new to my blog! I don’t want to know what might not go right with this! That’s not me not being a realist either, more a pragmatist!

I will know pretty quickly apparently if it’s not going to work, the first three weeks are the telling sign … but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and so it’s baby steps for me too!

The only downside and one l am fearing a little bit, is there is talk that l may not be able to take any pain relief for one week leading up to the proceedure! I sure as fuck hope that is not the case, as l know what it was like to not be on the right tablets for starters but to have no pain relief would be murder!

We will have to see l guess!

Dear Blog ……

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    1. Yes so do l Mel, l am hoping they have it wrong and are referring to ‘blood thinning’ tablets and not pain relief, but this small note on my letter doesn’t bring happy notes to my ears. I will be asking them this Wednesday.

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