Where in the World am I? #6 Rhodes



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Where in the World am I?

This game is a story prompt

Each game will have between 5 – 7 clues comprised of perhaps a movie, music, food, facts, flags, images, quotes or cryptic and sometimes a mixture of each.

Each game is about a location within a country and l would like to see the responses address both the country and the location itself.

With the clues below l would like you to write a story of 200 words, but only once you know where l am exactly in the world. Your story doesn’t have to include the clues unless you wish them to, but they are there to help with the ambience of your tale if needs be.

Your Clues


The flag of HERE is 2 colours only.


Here has a 37% coverage of pine and cypress tree.




The total population of HERE is approx 150,000 people

75% of HERE’s economy is accounted for via tourism.

Beware the Dama – Dama!!

HERE is home to million plus species of butterflies.

Not visiting HERE might be a colossal mistake!

I am HERE not just once but twice!



So there we go folks –

Where in the World am I?


4 thoughts on “Where in the World am I? #6 Rhodes

  1. Is the flag blue and white?
    Did Shirley Valentine take a holiday here?

    I think I have to do a post for this one…it might be a bit late though.

  2. This little game of hide and seek
    Leads me to an island (Greek)
    A place to go before you die
    In the valley of the butterfly
    Drinking ouzo, drinking beer
    Meeting with a special deer
    Beneath the flag of white and blue
    (though it’s a bit Italian too)
    The colossus long ago did sink
    But this road leads to Rhodes I think.

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