Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..



Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

09 – Mar 2019 – Game 3

There’s been a terrible murder ……… well we are pretty sure anyway!

That’s down to you to decide……

During our investigation the following names have come up in connection to our five main questions ..

These being;

Perp 1

Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith

Perp 2


Perp 3

Paula of Light Motifs II

Perp 4

Kristian of Life Lessons from Around the Dinner Table

Perp 5

Emily of Zombie Flamingos



Our lead investigator Fandango of This, That and The Other  has been selected by The Blog Team here to crack the case! From you we need to know the following concerning these five ‘perps’  …….

Who is the victim?

Who is the murderer?

Who is the location?

Who is the murder weapon?

Who is the motive?

Inspector Fandango, using your remarkable powers of detection, deduction and imagination, we would like you to submit a report [story] outlining to us the answers to our five main questions, and so help us to crack the case!

For goodness sake if you are also able to …… tell us how they were killed? Be specific.

Are you up to the task?


So what do l actually need from our Inspector and the Perps?

Well working with very little information, you have five perps, and five specific questions – each question is relevant to one of the perps. Do you think as an example that Perp 1 might be the victim, or indeed the weapon, perhaps they are neither, maybe they are the murderer, or even the motive or just the location? That’s down to you to decide. Each of our Perps has a clue in their name we can clearly see here that we have … a Wordsmith, a Doctor, a Light, a dinner table and goodness gracious me, a zombie??!

If l was an Charlie, l would say blimey Rupert, but l’m not, l’m the police chief and you are our lead investigator Fandango! It’s is literally down to you to crack the case – your imagination and dedication to solving the riddle is open for all to see – good luck!

The Perps themselves need do nothing for the time being, but once we have established who was murdered l should imagine we shall see the usual submissions from the remaining that they didn’t do it, that they are not guilty! But they might not, they might simply accept your decisions Inspector Fandango!

Three of our Inspectors have already cracked decidedly difficult cases already, if you are not yet familiar with their case files, l have included them here for your perusal:

Inspector Li of Tao Talk February 2019

Inspector Kristian of Tales of the mind of Kristian February 2019

Inspector Teresa of The Haunted Wordsmith November 2018


Once Upon A Blog Crime

Good luck and imagination Inspector, l feel you are going to need it!


13 thoughts on “Once Upon A Blog Crime ……..

  1. OMG ! This is so exciting. I have been a great fan of murder mysteries since I was twelve. Country house mysteries are my favourite genre.

    I just hope I am cleared of the crime, fingers crossed !

    And thanks for including me, of course.

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