Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [8]


Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way![8]

Licked chocolate off someone.

Oh So Way

Yes of course, and cream and caramel – yummy scrumptuous!

Ridden a motorcycle

Oh So Way

Yes, once in 1976 and it went horribly, horribly most horribly wrong, am writing about that later today!

Sucked toes.

Oh No Way

Nope, just plain freaky, l don’t mind massaging feet but sucking toes, nope!

Run whilst laden down with groceries/shopping and fallen over

Oh So Way

Of course, many a time and way too many to count, l have even run with a bloody shopping trolley, hit the curb and literally gone ober the top of it and landed in the shopping!!

Been shocked by electricity

Oh So Way

Sadly yes, too many times. Most often l simply forget to switch the electric off.

Eaten an ant

Oh So Way

Yes, chocolate covered ants in Australia – no taste, just like eating spots of chocolate grit.

Eaten rabbit

Oh So Way

Am not a huge meat eater these days, mostly fish, but l have eaten many things, such as hare and rabbit in the years that have gone by.

Faked it …yes IT

Oh No Way

Haha, as if l could!! Chance would be a fine thing, coming at all would be a blessing!

Swum with sharks

Oh So Way

Not deliberate, but l have swum with sharks twice, both times in Australia. First time with a nurse shark and the second time with a Great White. Both times were off Seaford beach in Victoria.  The Grey Nurse shunted me and l have a small scar on my thigh, although when l was 11 it was much bigger, she basically sandpapered me. The Great White was 300 foot off the shore line and had come in close to the pier where the fishermen were chumming the area. I had swum to close to the pier which jutted out from the shoreline by a couple of hundred feet. As l was swimming l heard a cry and a siren bleat out and as l looked to the top of the pier, there were a load of fellas urging me to get onto the ladder. As l got to the top l realised why, as moments later  a 15footer White cruised by where l had been!

Broken a promise

Oh No Way’ish.

I have never deliberately broek any promises l have made – so my general rule of thumb is no – but over the course of the last thirty years, l should imagine l have broken a couple.

Performed a naked angel in the snow

Oh So Way

Yes once, many years ago when living in the caravan – it was not something l made a habit of let me tell you!! Snow is a bit like sand, but thank goodness it melts, which is some ways is worse than sand!

Been ill on a special occasion and couldn’t attend

Oh So Way

A few occasions when l have been ill, l have missed out on weddings and on one occasion a funeral.

Walked in on a couple who were doing it

Oh So Way

Yes, l remember many years ago, walking in on my parents – which was really awful and a sight that has never left my head – but then as l got older it was common practice to be walking in on at least someone doing it somewhere, nightclubs, toilets, alleyways, parties, you name it, l have walked in on someone!

Bitten a pet

Oh So Way

Not a pet per say in the domestic sense of the word, but l had to bite my male raccoon once in order to force it to stop from continuing to attack me.

Locked someone in a room

Oh So Way

Yes as a joke many times. Did it once long ago to my Mother – not something to be repeated, she completely lost the plot and saw no humour in it.

Dressed up like a monster

Oh So Way

A couple of halloweens l have dressed up as monsters.

Walked in on somone in the toilet

Oh So Way

Frequent occurance throughout my life l have walked in on all sorts of things and people doing all sorts of things!

Had to run to save my life

Oh So Way

Yes, after the raccoon attack, l had to run to save my life as l was fast bleeding out.

Been chased by a cat.

Oh So Way

Yes, when l was 11, we lived in an estate in Springvale South, Victoria, and up the road from me there lived a cat with a real attitude  and it chased me once from it’s house to my house at top speed because l had said ‘Here Kitty!” It ran me past 20 houses!!

Been totally awake for three days or more.

Oh So Way

Yes, not so much these days but in my twenties to forties l could keep awake and fresh for roughly a couple of weeks at a time.

Gone fishing.

Oh So Way

As a youngster from the age of around 10 – my mid teens of about 15 l was a regular for fishing – in the end – the tedium got to me and l stopped.

Been chased by a dog.

Oh So Way

About ten years ago l was cvhased off a property by a Doberman who caught me and bit me on the bum and the back of my legs before being caught!

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