Mental Health @ Home – Truly Inspired #19


Truly Inspired Series

1] Blog Name

Mental Health @ Home

2] Genre

Mental health

3] Blog Age

Started in October 2017

3] At what age did you start to write and what was your motivation for doing so?

I’ve always liked to write, because it allows me to express myself. I used to write stories, and I remember one of my elementary school teachers commenting that I used a lot of “big truck endings”, i.e. killing characters off to wrap up the story.

4] Does writing/creativity come naturally to you or do you struggle to invent something inspirational each day/week/month?

I’m not particularly creative, but I have a lot to say on the topic of mental health.

5] How prolific are you in your craft?

It varies. Lately I’ve been writing quite a bit. When I first started blogging I was writing a lot less because I was busy trying to figure out how to use WordPress and social media and all that kind of stuff. Now that I’ve pretty much got everything set up I can focus more on writing.

6] Are your writings displayed elsewhere or just WordPress? If so where?

I post all my WordPress posts on Medium. I’ve written guest blogs on a few different sites, including Time to Change and Respect Yourself

I’ve also published papers in several academic nursing journals.

7] Do you ever suffer from writers/creators block? How do you combat it?

I have a spread sheet where I keep track of all things blogging, and I’ve got a fairly lengthy list of ideas for blog posts to pick from. I like to have several posts in the queue ready to be published so I don’t feel any sort of time pressure.

8] What is your preferred creative expressive form?

Definitely writing. I’m not a very visual person.

9] How do you arrive at your decision to write/create/invent about what you have chosen as a subject for the piece/s?

I’ve got quite a lot to say about topics that interest or affect me, and often the decision about what to write about on a particular day just comes down to what idea is knocking the loudest inside my head.

10] Do you need an ambience to work with, such as music, quiet, scented candles, yoga, exercise, reading, film or something else?

I generally prefer to write at home, and quiet is good.

11] What helps you to create your content?

[People/conversation/family/health/magazines/newspapers/controversy/funny moments/life experiences]

Personal experiences, as well as things I read that resonate with me.

12] Is your content driven by your journey or your story, or by the journeys and stories of others?

Mostly my own journey, but often others’ stories will inspire me to look at my experiences in a new way.

13] Are there any specific things which enable your creative juices to flow more steadily?

[Overtired/insomnia/mental health/eating/drinking/smoking/surrounded by colour/abstract thoughts and thinking]

I don’t think there’s anything in particular, but I like it when ideas just start screaming at me and demanding to be put onto the page.

14] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

It varies. Some things are quick, while other things, like book reviews, I take my time with. Blog award posts might take me a couple of weeks, as I get overwhelmed pretty easily.

15] Are you pleased with your finished pieces? How do you feel when you receive acknowledgement from another?

Hmm, I don’t think I’d publish a post if I wasn’t reasonably satisfied with it. I really like getting feedback from other bloggers, especially when they add new ideas that I hadn’t thought of. The sense of community on WordPress is amazing, and everyone is so supportive.

Finally, what advice would you award writers or creators looking to express themselves and to then display their works to the world?

I would say write what moves you. Follow your own passion rather than what you think others’ expectations might be. Set a conscious intention as to why you’re writing, and regularly reconnect with that.

Special thanks to Ashley for participating for this Truly Inspired episode. Mental health is a really important topic and one that needs to be discussed more frequently, openly and without reproach or condemnation. The only way the stigma of mental health can be removed and the taboo stomped upon is for more people to accept and understand that everybody has it, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. It was a great read and strangely familiar in so far as l too spreadsheet all my posts and my Twitter adverts, so l always have something to write about and a good rota to keep things fresh. Again, my heartfelt thanks to Ashley for sharing with us what inspires her to do what she does.


If any would like to participate in the Truly Inspired series – please drop me an email at and l will gladly write you up and share your inspirations. I would genuinely love to hear from more of you, so don’t be shy…

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