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Where in the World am I?

This game is a story prompt – not just a answer the clues question prompt.

Each game will have between 5 – 7 clues comprised of perhaps a movie, music, food, facts, flags, images, quotes or cryptic and sometimes a mixture of each.

Each game is about a location within a country and l would like to see the responses address both the country and the location itself.

With the clues below l would like you to write a story between 200 – 500  words, but only once you know where l am exactly in the world. Your story doesn’t have to include the clues unless you wish them to, but they are there to help with the ambience of your tale if needs be.

Also if you know the answers, but cannot think of a fiction story to write, then by all means feel free to write why you would love to visit here?

Your Clues


The flag for HERE comprises of five colours … red, blue, green, yellow and white.





When HERE you would be mad to not sample the traditional cuisines! The food best eaten is mostly tropical fish dishes, best prepared over the hot coals of a BBQ. Salted fish, known locally as Pawson Sale is an acquired taste and whilst not as popular as it once was especially with the arrival of refridgeration, is still available if you know where to look. If like me, you are an anchovy lover, then hello, you’ll love it, but if not, then perhaps look out for other dishes more to your liking. Also, l hope you like banana because HERE can boast 23 species and it is a prime ingredient in practically everything!





The currency here is Rupees

HERE only became inhabited in the latter part of the 18th century, when the first settlers arrived.

Breadfruit is very popular here.

Think For Your Eyes Only for inspiration here.

The Capital here, is the smallest in the world and can be explored by foot in less than a day!


So where am l?


15 thoughts on “Where in the World am I? #5 Seychelles

  1. well I know one of those clues is incorrect as Vatican City is the smallest capital in the world…lol

    1. Actually Vatican City is the second smallest capital in the world. The smallest capital city in the world is Melekeok in Palau just over 500 inhabitants to Vatican’s 900.

      My error is merely a typo – perhaps it would have read better by saying the smallest capitals listed by Continent 🙂

  2. pretty sure the seychelles islands use rupees..so that is my best guess…and I really don’t want to travel there (too far with CHF)..i wouldn’t survive the journey now. wouldn’t mind eating the food though. I love creole cooking.

  3. A quick answer here should do us
    I think we’re sitting in St Louis
    At the risk of sounding repetitious
    We’re on the island of Mauritius
    Restaurants here prepare a dish
    Essentially a creole fish
    For which they charge a minor fee
    That you can pay for with rupee
    They fly a flag (though rarely seen)
    Of red, blue, yellow, green.

    But actually I could be wrong
    So please forgive this little song
    You confused me with your final call
    It’s not a continent at all
    This place is sort of hard to reach
    It’s little more than just a beach
    I think more likely you’ll see whales
    Than any of those slimy snails

    1. This is an excellent poem Brutus – you have mostly the life of island right, just the wrong island.

      Suze was right with the Seychelles though and the smallest Capital in the world is Victoria apparently, but l loved your answer totally.

      I threw the snail image in to reflect ‘shells’ and decided against the obvious of a sea shell, which l thought would give the game away.

      But my genuine thanks for playing the prompt and l genuinely loved the poem. you are right it’s an island, but it’s part of the African continent.

      1. Ah, well …. close but no cigar. My definition of a ‘continent’ is, perhaps, a little outdated …. but by that a more relaxed definition at least I had the right continent! My son has been to the Seychelles a few times – and very nice it is too, apparently. I have been to Mauritius but not for a very long time – I dare say it has changed a bit.

        1. A lot of these islands tend to not change a great deal over the years thankfully, they still have their laid back aspect of life to them.

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