Where in the World am I? #3 Amsterdam



Where in the World am I?

With the clues below, l would like you to write a short 200 – 500 word story – but only once you believe you know where l am in the world. Your story must incorporate 50% of the clues and you must mention the location!






Here’s flag is Red, Blue and White




Here there are 165 canals

25,000 Bikes end up in the waters here annually and they also have a Mayor of Bikes.

1281 Bridges are foundhere

Dancing was forbidden Here in the beginning of the 20th century.

Here’s people are the tallest in the world!

Here the houses are built on poles.

a World famous diary was kept here!


10 thoughts on “Where in the World am I? #3 Amsterdam

  1. Oh damn, I got so excited that I forgot to read the part about writing a 200-500 word post using the picture clues. Man, I’m sorry, Rory, for ruining your prompt. My bad. 😨

  2. I think you can afford to be a bit more cryptic about these things. Who doesn’t see that windmill and immediately think of the place you are hinting at? It’s a good thing that Anne Frank was a bit more secretive about her location than you are!

    You do bring back some fond memories, though. I used to spend some time at the ‘Cafe de Clos’ … 40 odd years ago … and your post prompted some research. I am staggered to discover that it is still open for business!

    1. Hey Richmond – the truth is, that this one was supposed to be an easy one – so l not surprised that it was got very quickly, it makes it easier for me to start the really hard ones 🙂 The first three have been easy Morocco, Boston and Amsterdam – easy – now that the trial is over the game can start 🙂

      However l am glad the memory box is opening for you 🙂

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