K9 Interviews 32 – Lancelot


K9 Interviews

K9 Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

1] Your Name?


2] Your 2 Leggeds Names? 

“Kelly…eh? (She’s Canadian)”

3] What K9 Breed are you?

“A Labradoodle.”

4] How Old Are You?

“The ripe old age of 15.”

5] Do you run your household?

“Absolutely….I’m humongous.”

6] Do you live inside or outside the house?

“Inside like a King, I ain’t no mutt. Sofa, the bed…it’s mine all mine, mine, mine!!”

7] Where about in the world do you live?


“Belfast, but was born in Florida. When I was four months, I moved to Toronto before moving to the Big Green Rock four years ago. I’m an international traveller!”

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring


8] How often do you take your 2 leggeds for a walk?

“I walk her three times a day.”

9] Do you vary the walks or trek the same route every day?

“Mostly the same but I’m a social butterfly so we may go somewhere new sometimes.”

10] Do your 2 leggeds allow you to talk to other K9’s on your walks or do they huff and puff behind you and urge you to hurry along?

“I’m not fussed about other dogs, take em or leave ’em.

11] Are you allowed to do ‘stuff’ on your walks freely?

“Oh Yes, of course!”

12] Have your 2 leggeds ever embarrassed you? If so how?

“No, but I recently embarrassed my dog sitter by pooping outside her daughter’s school much to the principals horror (and I ain’t little), ha ha, am still laughing over that one!”

13] Do your 2 leggeds expect you to fetch the ball/toy every time during soft/hard play?

“No, that’s not my bag.”

*​Do you have favourite toys and if so what are they?

“No….what am I? A child?”

14] Are you loved every day?

“Oh yeah,multiple times by multiple people. Love it!”

15] Do your 2 leggeds take you away on holidays with them?

“Not really, she would find a sitter instead.”

16] Do you get to pick where you go if they do?

“Nope, I’m not holding the credit card. And uh…I can’t talk.”

C] Eating/Food/Treats

17] Are you given treats? Too few or just right? What are your favourites? 

“Yup, I get doggie treats and love crusts. Pizza, toast, pie you name it.”

18] Are you fed a nutritional diet?


19] Is your food moist or dry or both or even the raw meat diet?

“Dry food.”

20] Do you enjoy it or is it boring?

“I’ve been eating the same thing day in, day out for fifteen years, yeah it’s pretty boring at times, but hey, what can you do? You gotta eat right?”

21] Do you eat it every day, or sometimes refuse to?

“I don’t refuse but I’m sick of it. Sometime it’ll sit in my bowl until I’m starving and have no other choice.”

22] Are you allowed to sample your 2 leggeds food?

“Yes, thanks to the small mercies in life, eh?”

23] Do you eat your food when you are expected to, or when you wish to?

“When I wish.”

D] Your Personal K9 Stuff


24] Do you have a favourite piece of 2 legged clothing and if so, do they know?


25] Go on be a Devil – tell us what it is ….?

“I used to wear snow boots but it was humiliating, thank god Kelly knocked that on the head!!!”

26] Do you deliberately play up at times, just to annoy or worry the 2 leggeds?

“Yes very much so, I like to get in my owners face for attention! You know, it works, right.”

27] Do you have a bed?

“Yep I do.”

28] If so, do you sleep in your bed, or their bed, or the couch or all three and more?

“All of the above. it’s all mine, Kelly just shares with me.”

29] How much alone time or ‘just you’ time do you have?

“I’m alone when my owners at work, but she leaves the telly on because I like my stories and you learn a lot, you know?”

30] Do your 2 leggeds make you dress up?

“Nope, not at all. No WAY!”

32] Do you have a friendly vet?

“Yep, I like them.”

33] What would be your perfect day?

“Lying in a park in the shade, being hand fed sausages, because l am King!”

In spite of everything … the manipulations and the training you must subject them to  – are they happy  that you are there to mentor for them?

“Yep, I love me, they love Lance – the perfect arrangement!”

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Scrappy’s Thanks

My special thanks to Lance, Kelly and IP for pawticipating in our K9 questionnaire – and sharing home life and adventures with us all here.Well Lance, l have to concede to loving your K9 Attitude, it’s the way to be – you live life under the Power to the Bark ruling to a tee.  I am still laughing at the discomfort of your Sitter outside her Daughter’s school! I know how my own 2 leggeds react if l do it on someone’s drive – but a school, well kudos and biscuits to you!

Way to go, Power to the Bark!

Hope you enjoyed reading … Tootle Pip from Doodlepip!

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.”

“Go on, go on, go on … you know you want to!”

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