Would You Survive The Apocalypse??



Would You Survive The Apocalypse??

No, really – would you? Do you think you could?

New Challenge starting April 2019


If you would like to be part of this challenge, drop your name below!

Tell me in the comments section below, what you would bring to the table for the Survival Team!


19 thoughts on “Would You Survive The Apocalypse??

  1. Sure …. I have no idea what the challenge is …. but why not? My initial reaction, though, is, ‘why would you want to survive the apocalypse?’

    1. Hey Richmond – now that is an absolutely true answer – what’s the point of living in the world after it’s gone? I can most assuredly see that reasoning 🙂

  2. No. I would NOT. I’ll blog a long blog post about why presently. And given that I won’t survive, I presume that’s me out of the challenge? Maybe I can make coffee for the ‘freedom’ fighters….? 😉

  3. I would totally survive! I love camping and hiking, I’ve grown a vegetable garden, I’m a decent shot, I’ve been known to beat the hell out of a dumpster with a baseball bat, I’m very handy and creative with duct tape…shall I go on??
    I’d love to participate depending on deadlines. My time isn’t always my own.

  4. Yeah, I think I would at least until my supply of drugs that I will have pilfered from every abandoned pharmacy ran out. You see I have many skills from how to hunt, kill, butcher and prepare most kinds of meat to how to reload shot. Pretty good first aid and kitchen witchery skills. Oh and did I mention, I’m a a fair shot with a cross bow and hell on wheels with an aluminum baseball bat. I’d love to participate, depending on timing and deadlines as I do quite a lot of volunteer work in April – August.

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