Where in the World am I? #2 Boston



Where in the World am I?

With the clues below, l would like you to write a short 200 – 500 word story – but only once you believe you know where l am in the world. You can have three guesses, so three stories if you like. But in your story you must incorporate 50% of the clues and you must mention the location!




“Chinese food in Texas is the best Chinese food in the United States except Here.”
John Updike


Truth like beauty seems to be in the eye and mind of the beholder”
Helene Munson




Children under the age of 18 only make up 17% of Here’s population. These lower numbers are largely attributed to high housing costs.

On a November evening of 1872, the Great Fire spread over 65 acres in a 12 hour period, destroying 776 buildings total resulting in $60 million in property damages, and causing 13 to 30 deaths, depending upon the source.

The Here Fire Department (1678) is the oldest in the United States

On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever phone call to his assistant in a machine shop in Here. Bell was said to have stated to his assistant, who was merely down the hall, “Watson come here, I want you!”

Here offers its citizens and visitors over 850 restaurants. Amazingly, only 40 of the 850 serve fast food

Here offers over 100 colleges and universities, a fact that once gave it the nickname of the “Athens of America” in the early twentieth century.

In the law books, spitting on the sidewalk is considered illegal.

Here is actually named after a town in England.

Chocolate made a name for itself here!

Christmas was once banned here!

Candlepin Bowling was born here!


So there we go folks –

Where in the World am I?


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    1. You have raised 2 very valid points of which l have now addressed – so thank you for that 🙂

      1] 200 words has now been extended to reflect the clues present to 200-500

      2] 100% of clues has been reduced to incorporate 50% clues.

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