Tell The Story – Fleur – DoNo – Lie!

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Tell The Story –

My thanks to Chris Hall of Luna’s on Line for her tagging me to follow up in this challenge of “Tell the Story’ which was created by The Eclectic Contrarian .

Above is her image for Tell The story.

Fleur was quite easy going of Tom, she had to be – as far as boyfriends went, he wasn’t really that bad, but he could have been so much better. She was very forgiving of all his little foibles, afterall no one was a complete saint! But she swore blind that if he attempted those two ‘so called ‘ little deviations of his with her again, she would thrash him within an inch of his life with the prickliest bunch of roses she could find!

Under no circumstances would she tolerate him wearing those ridiculously old fashioned green corduroy trousers in public again and then to even have the nerve to try and tell her they were blue!!

Lies and green trousers in one day!!

So not happening!

The End!

I am going to challenge the following … to this image!

IMG_9869 (2)


Di of Pensitivity 101

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    1. I do have your name right though yes? I saw Blindzany girl use it [Lorraine], so l guessed she wouldn’t call you it, if it wasn’t it 🙂

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