Tall Stories & Porky Pies!


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What good would a Friday be if we couldn’t do a little fibbing?

Come up with your best whoppers to these questions. Post them in the comments or on your blog – HAVE FUN!

Teresa – The Haunted Wordsmith

What do you like to put on your pancakes in the morning?

Crushed frogs legs and beetlejuice

What was the first thing you saw when you looked out the window?

Scrappy wearing a bright yellow tutu dancing with the garden gnomes – most astonishing!

What is your favorite book?

The Life and Times of the Garden Earthworm by Ima Squiggly Jnr.

What is your favorite way to prepare hot dogs?

Cool them down first and then take for a walk.

What is one thing you covet more than anything else?

Their herbal blends – Cove T is very good.

You see the wishing star…what is your wish?

That the trains ran a more efficient service than they do.

You don’t want the leprechaun’s gold…what do you want?

Pixie dust.

What is the first thing you order at a vegan diner?

Well l would have to say a nice juicy steak would be quite nice, with lashings of pork and a leg of lamb.

Where would you like to visit next?


What is something books and movies need more of?

Sea salt, you can’t go wrong with sea salt l say.

What is actually in the Doomsday Seed Vault?

Mrs Boppers secrets to growing cucumbers to make men stand proud.

What does the Doomsday Clock really represent?

Mrs Bopper’s naughty side to stiff looking veg.

Who killed J.R.?

Dennis the Menace.

What is yellow snow?

Ah yes, it’s the effect when the moon touches Pluto and the radiance from Mars reflects off Uranus.

What is the best thing to break?


What goes best with whine (no, that’s not misspelled)?

A good kick … apparently something to do with hormones?

You said you were going to the store…where did you really go?

Uranus after the whine!

What is your favorite thing to wear on your feet?

Doggy poop.

What did you do to get fired from your job?

Said no to the wrong woman.

What is your favorite thing to put on fish?

Frog Spawn of course.


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