Dear Blog … 14.35 – 04/03/19


I’ll take the Tram if it’s faster!

I had a bit of a rough weekend just gone, l also got told off twice by Suze – once for trying to help her out and secondly for working on my blog.

Last Friday morning l ran out of my main tablet the co-codamol – Suze was working away from the house, in office and wasn’t due to do that, but was due home after 2pm. She rang on her way back and asked if the tablets were urgent or could they wait till Saturday collection? Well l debated this and knowing she was tired, said they could wait till the next day pick up.

Of course, things have a way of making you feel the fool, and what l should have said is NO, go pick up now, but 1] she was tired and 2] l was still under the effects of the last co-cods and still had my ibruprofens and thought l could swing it till the next day. Logical move l thought! Wrong.

Once my powerful tablets wore off l was in agony. Making matters worse the next day, Suze forgot the prescription so l didn’t get my tablets till Sunday afternoon, to which point l was in absolute agony!!

The ibuprofens even at 800mg were not man enough for the job at all, even with the co-cods on board as you may recall they were only touching base with 85% relief. So l got told off by Suzanne for saying l could cope.

Then l got told off again Saturday evening because l was working in/on my blog because it was causing me too much pain, but at that point everything was causing me serious distress and discomfort! My logic there was to hyperfocus on the blog would mean l wasn’t letting the pain control me irrelevant to how much pain there was present.

I had an appointment with the surgery this morning to hopefully get my medications upgraded, which thankfully happened. The doctor was astonished as to why l was still on such low qualitable tablets such as co-cods and ibrups when l should have been put onto Tramadols back in September!!

GRRR – doesn’t cover my frsutration at this point – l was just lucky enough to see a different doctor to my normal doctor who had the bravado to place me onto what they class as a ‘controlled drug’. She said a lot of doctors were reluctant to put patients onto the higher drugs due to the restrictions of late about controlled drugs. But it was my insistence that paid dividends combined with the fact that my arm at 9.20am this morning was simply not functioning, and the 1800mg l had taken of combined tablets at 7am this morning had already worn off and she said l looked like l was in agony – which of course l was.

I have not taken Trams before, and have now been reduced from 20 tablets a day to 10 tablets a day on the proviso that if these work and there are no side effects then l will shift from 100mg to 200mg next week.

I currently have 100mg inside me taken as advised for day one over a spate of 6 hours, but from later tonight it is to be 100mg every four hours to see how l function. I can still feel the pain admittedly, but they can take a few days to settle in and once the previous tablets have washed out. I can feel the wooziness and a heaviness to my eyes – but it is not yet at full strength, time will tell how we cope with these, it always does.

So finally, someone has listened to me – a pinched nerve, a collapsed shoulder and upper tendonitis all on my right side with upper tendonitis developing now in the left, and 7 months after a physiotherapist advised my  own doctor to put me on Tramadol – l am now on a series of tablets that are designed to deal with severe pain!

Now all l really need is to hear from so called ‘private care’ as to when my operation is going to occur?

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 14.35 – 04/03/19

    1. Mm,. lesson learned Mel 🙂 Mind you Trams are now on board, so if they prove to be totally effective, l plan to never run out. Simply cannot have a repeat performance of this weekend just gone.

      1. One of the restrictions with controlled drugs is that they cannot be on the repeat prescription service. Every month a doctor has to issue a new prescription for them. I know when I was working in pharmacy, it sometimes took up to five days from a patient’s request being submitted for the pharmacy to receive the prescription (due to weekends and bank holidays delays could be worse). So make sure you request your next 28 days well in advance 🙂

        1. Doesn’t work that way here, currently Mel.

          I have only six days worth as a trial, they expire Sunday, l have to notify them on Friday to see how well l am coping with them before they then start me on them full time.

  1. I am so happy they are FINALLY giving you some actual pain medication!
    I’m an expert on pain meds since I’ve taken just about everything out there. I’m currently taking Fentanyl(VERY powerful opiate), clonidine &Marine in my intrathecal pump and morphine tablets.
    Tramadol is a “mild” painkiller but it’s a pain killer!! So happy for you!!!

    1. You are quite right it is a mild painkiller – but to me it’s the most powerful thing they have actually allocated to me. It still vexes me that my doctor was notified back in September to award them to me for immediate pain relief and fobbed me with AD!

      I saw the letter from the physiotherapist to him this morning from the other doctor.

      1. Vex is too mild a word! The wall you come up against, trying to get medical people to pay attention and help…it’s criminal!
        The jerks should have to live with the patient’s pain level for a week…or even a day. See how fast that prescription pad comes out then.

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