Waldo May Have Been Here. . .

via Waldo May Have Been Here. . .


Are you completely outa your mind??

Okay one of the instructions given by Rory is to incorporate ALL the clues into the story.   Uh… I’ll try.   But it might be an awfully strange tale.   And I’m really sorry, Rory, but 200 words?   Are you joking?  Mine came in at somewhere around a THOUSAND.  Sorry again, dude.  

Major Brownie points to Melanie for even tackling this considering she has never once stepped foot inside Boston – but also kudos to her for tackling it with my harsh and yet primitive rulings and restrictions which have been noted and corrected to be more user friendly!

3 thoughts on “Waldo May Have Been Here. . .

  1. Well now I’m a tad embarrassed. I didn’t mean to censor your rules. They really were fine as is, I just know (from trying before) that getting within 200 words is usually not possible with my stuff.

    1. Don’t be silly Melanie – 🙂

      Your points were perfectly balanced – 200 was slim for that one, 200 on Morocco was about right, but Boston with those clues was a toughie 🙂

      I am very thankful for the heads up, and as such you 1] don’t need to feel embarrassed or apologise… truth is l was laughing throughout most of the reading because l enjoyed the story but also because l could visualise you thinking ‘Dude what were you thinking? 🙂

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