More Than 9 Lives of Luck! Part 1



More Than 9 Lives of Luck!

Part 1

“A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays and for the last three he stays.”


Earlier this morning, l reblogged a post from Li of Tao Talk Oh Prompt Me Do!! Our World Today where upon she said that of all the skills she would surely love and appreciate the most – was and is the ability to be more mechanically minded. i could totally relate to her sentiments, l would love to be practical – but l am not – l am however accidental, clumsy and klutz like. I mean, sheesh l am a guy that can get lost simply walking around a corner. Disaster and friction is drawn to me like l am a magnet! I am the hot babe of misfortune!

Over the years l have often sat down and pondered deeply on my bad luck or is it good luck, am l cursed or jinxed, is it really all down to the spectrum presence of Asperger’s that makes me a bit prone to a natural disposition of bungles, bumbles and ungainly awkwardness?

I mean l can at times be horribly inappropriate but that’s not specifically incompetent is it?  I can be crude, lewd and rude, uncouth, graceless, without tact, cumbersome and lumpish, oafish, letf-handed, heavy handed, sometimes a little bit unpolished, ham fisted and all thumbs – but are these the signs of someone who is incredibly and remarkably ponderous? i don’t deny that l can be seen, read and heard as insensitive, tactless and inelegant, a bit rough around the edges, at times lacking in grace – but l don’t think these are specifically tied in with accidental, so that maybe more a case of not always thinking.

I am dreadfully guilty of not thinking of others at times, and can come across as quite brutish in some of my remarks, hence l have heard the lack of empathy thrown at me over the years. but this isn’t so much a case of accidental more along the lines of boorishly clumsy and l think THAT is probably the Asperger’s.

Perhaps unbeknownst to me l have wild imps or pixies running amok in my brain, scuttling down my neck and playing havoc with my limbs – maybe l am cursed by djinn or a supernatural genie jinn is present or maybe l am haunted and this is all the work of something even stranger?

And yet, despite all the bad luck that befalls to me, some how l still land on my feet? Is that good fortune, or good luck … am l indeed a feline? Am l bewitched or enchanted? Charmed or damned? Broken, burdened or even afflicted? Is there going to come a time when my life will not be so extraordinarly stricken and pained by hexes?

I am unsure which genre to list this tale under, does it fall into miscellaneous topics, stories and tales, spookies be known or something more sinister?

You see folks, from a very young age, l have had things happen to me, that apparently would kill other folks and yet here l am? I do wonder if perhaps l am more than a survivor, but l am merely an existing spectre? I have more than once asked the question of those to whom would listen, why am l still here? When it is so blatantly obvious that l have used up more than a mere handful of nine lives, why am l here?

I mean it’s an honest question l feel to ask of the powers to be whoever those powers to be are and of course each person or body of people have and has a different interpretation of what the powers to be are or is.

No one has answered my question or indeed any of my questions to date … it is not hard to answer l feel – l just want to know why l am still in one piece and not six foot under or a reduced to a pile of ash and scattered to the many winds? i mean there is a point to life, and l know we have to find it, develop it, create and nurture to it – but what happens when you wonder should you be here in the first place having survived more encounters that you might find in a loaf of thinly sliced bread?

Am l supposed to be this pained today, this broken? Was l supposed to be broken like l was when l left home? So, if l have got to this point in my life in one piece well of sorts then why am l here, if l am such a natural walking talking disaster?

You can answer that question about your own existence should you so wish or wait for part 2 – soon!

12 thoughts on “More Than 9 Lives of Luck! Part 1

  1. Like you I am a clumsy person with foot in the mouth disease. That is a part of personality. But you are a caring and sensitive person with it all a survivor too.

          1. I am happy to survive. I like to help people to survive, not in a physical sense ( though I give my medical advice freely) but in a way to survive mentally. If I am making any sense.

  2. My own beliefs are that our spirits, souls, whatever you want to call the essence that makes us, US, are here to learn and grow. Every challenge, obstacle, painful experience is an opportunity to better ourselves and reach our highest potential, our perfect balance.
    Where we go beyond this life is a question I’m looking forward (not anxiously or in a hurry) to having an answer to.

  3. There is a theory that you are here until you learn a valuable lesson. If you don’t learn it, your next life will demand two lessons. When your soul has learned all of life’s lessons, its energy will rise to a “supreme being.” Interesting thought?

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