Random Quotes 249#



It never ceases to surprise me some of the silliest things l have heard in my travels, one was this as a text from a ”’friend”’ after l split up from my wife for her adultery, and being pregnant with another man’s child …..

“Rory, do you need help getting your Ex back??”

My response wasn’t tepid!!

“How to get your ex back??”

“What kind of stupidity is that”

“If she/he is an ex, there were reasons for the split, why bugger about?”

“Absolute stupidity you muppet!”

His response was, ‘”Gees there’s no need to bite my head off, just trying to help!”


“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”

George Carlin

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    1. Yes, my view exactly – of course l have displayed here the polite response – not the true one!! Ha ha We were not friends for much longer.

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