Earthen Simplicity – Autumn’s Fallen


Earthen Simplicity – Autumn’s Fallen

Sacrificed in the millions and not a look do we spare,
Think not do we, but expect them to be there,
Yet when they are, do we give them but a glance?
Only in autumn do we see their frenzied dance!
Refugees of the barrens, they do but become,
Dying in the droves, as soon as winter shuns,
But do we see them well when they are in full fruit?
A myriad of exciting colours swaying in salute,
Proud to be bold adventurers of the higher wonders,
Blissfully unaware that soon they will be torn asunder!
Nay ‘tis not often that we seriously appreciate,
These brave rustlers before they do dissipate,
Curse them we do, as they lay dead upon the ground,
Awaiting the winds to blow them into ceremonial mounds,
Think not do we about their life sadly oh so brief,
Nor do we see them ever as a single beautiful leaf,
To us, they are just but life upon the trees,
Serving no other purpose but to dangle helplessly,
See them we do, when enjoying sultry summer days,
Under their shaded cover from the suns’ burning rays,
Acknowledge them we do when protected by their shade,
Praising the stunning foliage, thankful of their display,
Take this time then to consider of their plight to come,
When they are dead and dying and fallen in the autumn!

© Rory Matier 2012

8 thoughts on “Earthen Simplicity – Autumn’s Fallen

  1. You have drawn the eye to the unseen splendor of the leave. Missed due to the fact that we look at them collectively, part of the tree.

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