Magical Moments … well for me anyway! 2001



Magical Moments … well for me anyway!

I had a few posts whirring around in my head today that l shall eventually get to writing sometime this week, notably “The Lone Nutman”, “France First and Then the World” and “A Life Without Moderation” however l read a couple of posts recently that sparked or ‘prompted me to write of other things first. One of those posts is Laurie’s of Meditations in Motion “Finding Pennies Everywhere”.

If you are not familiar with Laurie’s blog, then do make a note to check her out. However of that post, there is a lovely story about her Mother-in-Law’s love of frogs, and it was this that captured me in the moment of ‘Pennies from Everywhere’ which in essence is of beautiful moments that you can become ensnared up into.

My tales today are not as lovely as her memories, however they were quite significant moments for me.

I like frogs, l don’t collect them or anything, but l just like frogs and toads, l never had any direct dealing with amphibians when l ran the brokerage although l knew a lot of private keepers who kept stunning tropical microenvironments and had some beautiful species present within.

I first truly became enamoured with the species in Malaysia when l lived there as a child, and most notably my experiences with them purely came from within the ‘monny drains’ otherwise known as monsoon drains, where an abundance of life used to gather both in and out of the rain season. There were a lot of frog species in Malaysia, and casting my mind back l recall seeing frogs around the house equally as much as remembering seeing ghekkos skitter across the walls, there were frogs in the kampung and frogs in the jungled areas around where we used to live.

I remember the families gardener telling me that when the frogs began to make their noise it signaled the start of rains, l am none too sure if this was a fact, but who knows, sometimes it did rain after they croaked, but equally l could hear frogs croaking after the rains and at times sitting on the verandah during the rain.


The gardener in fact was my biggest source of learning about frogs, he told me of the horned toads, frogs that could fly, colourful frogs that were poisonous and that when playing in the drains l had to be careful of, green frogs, red frogs and yellow frogs. I came to the conclusion that Taufik knew a lot about a lot in addition to knowing a lot about gardening!

However my two small tales are not from Malaysia, they are from England notably Lincolnshire, but the locations are quite irrelevant.

The first happened Sunday 26th August in 2001 when l was sited with my animal business on a farm, and it was a summer pretty much like we are experiencing now in the UK as in very hot, when suddenly a giant rain squall came out of absolutely nowhere, and l do mean nowhere. I was at the time working my animals in a large tin building. The skies one minute had been nothing but blue and then rather mysteriously this very dark almost jet black cloud about a mile square just appeared above the farm, and the rains fell, and fell hard, so hard that l had to quickly pack up my things and rush inside.

Once in, l listened to what sounded like hail hitting the roof, but not as hard, but an unusual sound all the same, in the space of five minutes it was over, the cloud l could see through the windows had gone, the blue skies and the heat were starting to materialise again, but there was an almost eerie glow to the skies before it vannished. That glow always stayed with me till even now, l can still remember quite clearly the spookiness of it, a hazy pinky orange.

When l stepped outside l was astonished to see the grounds around the farm were littered with thousands of little moving things and upon closer inspection saw that they were in fact frogs, no bigger than a pea in many cases. it was quite possibly one of the most strangest things l have ever borne witness to, but also due to some of my beliefs l was aware that this may have represented a bad omen approaching. Although at the time it was quite magical.

Of course everyone has a different view point on this, but and yet only a few days later the attack on the Twin Towers occured on September 11th, 2001. I couldn’t help but think when l was in the same building on that Tuesday listening to the horrific news, about the frogs falling from the skies just over two weeks previously.

The second Incident occured a few years later in 2008, when l was living in an old farm house going through my divorce. It had been raining all day, all night for most of the week. There had been an abundance of life around during these showers,  my cats and l had to at one point have a very serious discussion about them leaving the frogs alone!

One night, l went out and there just around the corner were a group of frogs sitting almost in a perfect circle and it looked like that they were having a conversation!? They were croaking at each other, it lasted for all of perhaps ten seconds and then as if they had spotted me, instead of hopping away as l am used to seeing frogs do, they simply all walked away in different directions!!


I had NEVER seen frogs walk, only ever hop, but the way they walked was even more pronounced than the video l use here as my example! It was extraordinary, but as is almost always the case, we never have a camera to capture these moments in time, do we? Trust me when l say there are not many examples of ‘frogs walking’ on YouTube either, so l am guessing it must be something of a strange phenomena otherwise more people would be prepared!

Anyway, just thought l would share, thanks for reading,


14 thoughts on “Magical Moments … well for me anyway! 2001

  1. I loved this Rory!
    I used to live surrounded by sugarcane and can toads, so not a fan of toads. However I do really like frogs and I find them interesting but strangely phobically frightening lol. When I was young we stayed with my uncle in the country and you had to walk past a sideboard to get to the toilet out the back. At night a big green tree frog used to sit on top of it, I was sure, waiting to jump on me as I walked past – so I never did. I tried for what felt like forever to rake up the courage but end up waking mum up when I was absolutely busting lol.
    One of my worst nightmares was dreaming a frog jumped and got stuck in my hair. The more he struggled to get out, the more entangled he became. It was terrifying!!
    My most recent encounter, lol, was here, on a pot on the balcony, 5 floors up!! I took a photo because I thought no-one would believe me. The photo is blurry because I was shaking so much before a ran inside like a sissy!!

  2. I never knew you grew up in Malaysia. What an exotic place to be a child! I loved reading your frog stories. The story about all of the tiny frogs appearing after the rain reminded me of my walks through “my” meadow.

    There is a small stream below my house that flows through what used to be a cow pasture. Now, it is a linear park. People walk their dogs and ride their bikes. It is so much more manicured than when cows lived there. Anyway, when the cows lived there, I used to walk along the stream, and in front of me, every few feet a frog would jump into the stream. In the summertime, frogs would explode from the grass and as they jumped, they emitted a froggy “yikes!” sound before they landed in the stream. Now the lawnmowers that are used to keep the grass short probably have done away with most of the frogs. I can’t get the same result when I walk along the stream bank.

    1. Morning Laurie, frogs are such an endearing species. There used to be more frogs afoot or underfoot even as little as twenty years ago, but suburbinsation sadly has destroyed many species now from the planet.

      I think in many cases, you and l and others of our age group are very lucky because we have memories that many younger folk will simply not just have, but may never experience.

  3. Nice story’s Rory, I’ve seen frogs walking before it’s not their normal behavior but they do it. ❤️✌️


    1. It was the most awesome sight, l was quite excited and when l told someone the next day they looked at me like l was a spotted monster and simply said “So? They do that all the time lol!”

      1. Some people just don’t get it, everything is boring to them because they lead a boring life they can’t see the forest for all the dame trees !!! ❤️✌️

        BY FOR NOW

  4. Loved your frog stories. The one with the frogs falling from the skies is creepy though. I do have a thing for frogs. Some of them are so cute (like the grey tree frog I showed in my post yesterday) that I would be willing to kiss it. My hubby is actually disgusted by the fact I could do such a thing but that’s another story.

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