Thought Provoker’s



Thought Provoker’s

How Much Sleep Do You Get Per Night?

What’s sleep?

4-6 Hours per night

6-8 hours per night

Other – if so – which?

What Embarrasses You The Most?

Getting Caught Out


Saying Something Wrong

Don’t Get Embarrassed

Which Of The Following Behaviours Do You Find More Insulting?


Offensive Language



Other – if so – what?

Who Do You Trust the Least?





Other – if so – who?

Let me know your views below to these four questions.


14 thoughts on “Thought Provoker’s

  1. Sleep? do you mean in a row, or total accumulated? I total about 7 hrs but it takes me 8-8.5 hrs to get it cause I’m up A LOT.
    embarrassed – I don’t really get embarrassed but there is that occasional “OMG did I say that out LOUD?”
    Insulting – manipulation! Do they REALLY think I’m that stupid? and How DARE they all at the same time. The most insulting thing to me is to be lied to.
    Who do I trust the least? toss up between police and teachers of your answers. The people I absolutely trust the least? – doctors. Always remember 50% of doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. 😉

  2. Sleep varies from day to day, about 6.5 on average
    I have a saying a man who trusts can never be betrayed only mistaken. Though I am a little weary of Mrs A after she showed the student film I was in to her class

    1. Yes, l used to think what’s sleep, it was the stuff that amateurs needed! Although l am not experiencing a lot of quality sleep these days anyway. i don’t get embarassed either, the government can NEVER be trusted and l don’t like being talked down to either.

  3. Sleep: I need about 8 hours
    Embarrassed: Saying the wrong thing
    Harassment but I hate seeing discrimination too.
    Least trust: Anyone selling something.

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