The Silent Wave – Truly Inspired #11


Truly Inspired Series

1] Blog Name

The Silent Wave (TSW)Β 

Who Loves Kitty (WLK)Β 

2] Genre/Blog Style

Styles range from essay to op-ed to poetry to current events to slightly journalistic

3] Blog Age

TSW is almost 2 years old, started 28 Apr 2016;

WLK is 9 years old, started 11 Nov 2008

3] At what age did you start to write and what was your motivation for doing so?

Sometimes I can’t NOT write (lol) and sometimes I struggle a little.

4] Does writing/creativity come naturally to you or do you struggle to invent something inspirational each day/week/month?

Sometimes I can’t NOT write (lol) and sometimes I struggle a little.

5] How prolific are you in your craft?

Prolific-ness (lol) varies – in 2015 I made 3 posts all year on WLK; on TSW I’ve made 4 posts in one day at times πŸ™‚

6] Are your writings displayed elsewhere or just WordPress? If so where?

Just on WP; my new blog, Maidenlion (ML) features only my poetry/creative writing pieces.

7] Do you ever suffer from writers/creators block? How do you combat it?

Yep, I’ve gotten writer’s block before, many times πŸ™‚ I combat it by listening to music or reading other peoples’ blogs or reading books, as those activities often provide a lot of inspiration.

8] What is your preferred creative form?

Writing and poetry are the easiest forms, although I’ve also been known to compose music and I’ve also been known to paint (abstract, colour)

9] How do you arrive at your decision to write/create/invent about what you have chosen as a subject for the piece/s?

It’s hard to explain; it’s sort of intuitive. I just go wherever it takes me πŸ™‚

10] Do you need an ambience to work with, such as music, quiet, scented candles, yoga, exercise, reading, film or something else?

Yes πŸ™‚ – music or quiet, and definitely non-harsh lighting. No other distractions; other people can’t be in the room.

11] What helps you to create your content?

All of the above πŸ™‚ – pain is a powerful motivator, as is dreaminess, as is joy :). The WLK blog has quite a variety – funny stuff my partner says, funny or interesting things I read, etc. I get my inspiration from all kinds of sources πŸ™‚

12] Is your content driven by your journey or your story, or by the journeys and stories of others?

Oh yes πŸ™‚

13] Are there any specific things which enable your creative juices to flow more steadily?

Vaping pure nicotine helps, insomnia helps (lol), Benadryl (an antihistamine) and/or Sudafed (a decongestant) often help – they slow my brain down just enough to let it wander to unusual places. The nicotine helps me focus and get my shizz together to write coherent thoughts πŸ˜‰

14] How long from start to finish would/can your content take you to complete?

Anywhere from 15 minutes to 6 hours πŸ™‚

15] Are you pleased with your finished pieces? How do you feel when you receive acknowledgement from another?

I’m usually pleased, yeah πŸ™‚ It thrills me and humbles me to no end to know that others appreciate and love it, too.

Finally, what advice would you award writers or creators looking to express themselves and to then display their works to the world?

My advice: Be You. Follow your heart and your brain, wherever they may go. Filter nothing, at least at first; you can always revise later.

Write for yourself, not necessarily an audience; that way, those who appreciate it are appreciating the real you.

I try to forget that sometimes I’m “on display” πŸ™‚

Don’t get too down on yourself if you don’t have much of an audience; there’s something to be said for having a smaller, closer-knit audience rather than a large one.

Don’t listen to any naysayers; your story and your work are your own and you own them – no one else does.

Tag your posts with general, relevant terms to be found; if you don’t want to be seen by a large audience, tag your posts obscurely or don’t tag them. I do both, on different blogs, for different reasons. I like having my larger stage, but I also like having my cosier corners πŸ™‚

Try not to take it to heart if your favourite piece doesn’t get a lot of likes. Again, your story is yours. πŸ™‚

I will take this opportunity to thank Laina @ The Silent Wave for her input into what truly inspires her to write, inspire and enthuse her readerships. Her wonderful and refreshing advice on how you too can work towards achieving inspiration for your own followings, readers and for them to set forth with their own expressions into the world of not just blogging, but writing and creating.


If any would like to participate in the Truly Inspired series – please drop me an email at and l will gladly write you up and share your visions.

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