Hot Chilli Kat 2001



Hot Chilli Kat

This story is actually inspired by Britchy of Bitchin’ in the Kitchen and a post she made this afternoon [which is in the link], that l reblogged because it was just so bloody funny, and made me remember an incident in 2001 with one of my own cats.

Sadly l don’t have any photos of my cat “Pooh”, but she and l were remarkably close, very bonded, she died of old age in 2006, but the image above is very similiar to her very persona, colour and size.

In 2001, l was married and living in a small village in Lincolnshire with my then wife. We had 3 dogs and at that point four cats, Scrappy Doodlepip hadn’t been born at that time.

Every Friday night my wife and l would order a takeaway as a treat, and this particular night we had doner kebab. Now my wife couldn’t stand chilli peppers and l couldn’t stand chilli sauce. We usually ordered an extra chicken kebab for the animals, just meat no trimmings.

The kebabs arrived and we all as a family had our Friday night treat, halfway through my wife got up to go and get a drink and left her kebab on her plate, and asked me to watch it. Which l did, but only half heartedly as Only Fools and Horses was on and l was totally engrossed.

What l caught too late was out of the corner of my eye l saw pooh get onto the couch and take a piece of meat off the wife’s plate, and within seconds Pooh’s eyes sort of rolled to the top of her head and then practically bulged out of her head before she let out this almight yowl and then took off at 100 mph off the couch and frantically run around the lougeroom which in atypical fashion set all the other animals off. Pooh yowling at the top of voice and miaowing and running around in circles skidding on the wooden floor, crashing into startled dogs and cats alike.

The wife came running in and started screaming “What’s wrong with her, what’s wrong with Pooh?”

“She ate a piece of your doner meat with l think chilli sauce on it!!”

By this time we had a cat screaming around the room yowling, dogs and cats alike barking and jumping over furniture trying to steer clear of her, and my wife and l trying to catch a deranged feline!

After about five minutes, Pooh suddenly darted into the kitchen and literally dunked her entire head into the dog’s water bowl and then, only then after lapping for a full two minutes did she start to resume normality!

It was really funny, no harm was done, but Pooh never once after that Friday night ever jumped onto the couch again to steal a bit of anyones meal, and she most assuredly never opted for anything with the remote smell of chilli sauce!

Cheers Britchy, l was laughing all the way through writing up this memory.

7 thoughts on “Hot Chilli Kat 2001

  1. That’s hilarious!! Poor cat! I have a terrible habit of using up leftover taco meat for lunch with a fried egg and about half a bottle of Chohula hot sauce. I’m addicted to the stuff. Milo, the fat farting beagle decided to help himself when I went to get a drink…
    He’s very untrusting of humanfood these days…

  2. I’ll bet poor Pooh wasn’t too happy when that stolen treat made it’s exit.
    I’d try jalapenos on Zeus (he’s still a sneak-theif) but he’d probably love them. Then I’d have to deal with the farts…ugh!

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