Ding Dong The Witch Might Not Be Dead! 2001



Ding Dong The Witch Might Not Be Dead! 2001

Sometimes l am astonished that l still walk the planet in one piece, not just because some animals during my years have stomped ten barrels of kek out of me, but because of two specific traits l possess. Luckily as l have aged, l have gotten better with certain things, but also because l don’t tend to mix with a lot of people on a day to day basis so cannot be always so easily tricked.

Ok, let’s be Frank or Mary if you want, my Asperger’s and therefore my autism has awarded me two traits – STOP – l know you are already saying to yourselves “Just two???” Of course there are more, but for this episode of The joker in You, these two are clearly defined.

1] Literalness – being literal, or taking things literally as it is spoken – Guilty!!

2] Gullible – as in being so remarkably naïve at times it is beyond scary!

Those two above have at times got me into MORE trouble than anything else and any of my other traits – yes, l can be terribly literal and horribly naïve and gullible!

This particular story is about my gullibility, my willing ness to believe things at times that some others may simply guffaw at!

There are many occasions, that as street wise as l may come across albeit NOW, that in my past l have not been so shrewd when it comes to believing certain incredulous things.

I introduce the following tale … is related to one of the Snifty Questions [2]

In 2001, when l was married, l worked with animals, l didn’t watch a great deal of television, l didn’t go to the cinema, l didn’t even read a great deal of news, l simply worked with my animals for nearly 18 hours a day seven days a week. If l did watch anything on the TV it was either Sky Movies or a video. Additionally, So, l think it is safe to say that l was somewhat clueless to anything going on at the cinema, and some might add – to the world. I was pretty shut off, and lived for the better part in a bubble.

One day, l got a phone call from my ex-wife, asking if l had heard the news on the radio about the hikers’ film footage that had been found. I answered with a no, l only listened to the music and not so much the news, why what was it all about?

So, she explained that how three backpackers had been presumed murdered and that film footage had just been found and it was shocking, as it was quite possibly a verification into the paranormal, and that she had managed to get hold a copy of the copy of the copy of the original from one of her friends., before it was due to be released into the market!

Wow, l thought and l badgered her with loads of questions, and she said that she had watched it several times that day, and she was very concerned about it all, and thought it might be of interest to me with my fascination on the subject, and that it was a real mystery!

Well l have to concede to being very excited about it all. When l got home that night, she showed me this beaten up and obviously well used video, and told me to sit down and just watch it! Which l promptly did …………. And l was mystified!

Good grief l thought, l had never even heard of the Blair Witch, l remember saying to my wife at the time.  I remember going online, and searching for more details of the story and everything came up as a verification of what my wife was telling me. Although there were some conflicting reports on the factuality of it, more evidence leaned towards it being a truth!! I suddenly became fixated on it, as sometimes can happen with subjects l am fascinated with and stayed up ALL night.  In fact l probably researched the damn thing to death for a good week.

Not knowing many people worked against me, you see animals don’t tend to watch anything, and don’t always have a viewpoint worth noting about the film industry. I worked by myself all day every day, and the only people l spoke to were clients on the end of a phone, although mostly l communicated with them via text so didn’t get to learn of the truth until about a month later.

To boot, tying in quite beautifully with the prank, because at the end of the day, that is exactly what it was, my wife had spoken to everyone l did know and instructed them to ‘go along with it’. To make matters even worse, she took to scaring me witless at every available opportunity she could, so much so, that by that time l took to believing almost everything that was said to me.

For a month, they had Mr Gullible here believing that nonsense, that these hikers had indeed gone missing, that the copy of the copy of the copy and so on was true, and that there was this huge ‘hoo-ha’ about it all, until one day, l was talking to someone at the shop where l lived and we were talking about strange phenomena and mysterious disappearances and l brought up the Blair Witch mystery and how intriguing it all was?

For the shop owner Ian, to simply stop what he was doing and look at me really strangely. “Rory, what on earth are you on about?”

So l told him, had he not heard? The shop had perhaps half a dozen people in there, who all, yes ALL started rolling around laughing at me, about how naïve could someone be, and that l needed to get out more, and stop believing fairy tales concocted by my wife, and how long had l seriously believed it to all be true??

Well, l stormed home and confronted my wife and demanded to know if it was true?

I am guessing by now, that l don’t need to tell y’all the answer?

Thanks for reading Rory

19 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Witch Might Not Be Dead! 2001

  1. Don’t feel too bad about believing that one. A lot of people did. Including my then 12-13 year old younger daughter. She’s NT and believed herself quite worldly as most 12-13 year olds do. It took me showing her the disclaimer at the end of the movie to prove it wasn’t true.
    Your ex was just mean. That’s not a funny prank.

  2. Well, you are not alone! I’d thought the same for many years, till someone broke the bubble for me! 😉

  3. That seems like a cruel trick to play on you! I dislike the kind of humor where the joker laughs at someone for not being able to discern a lie. Not funny!

    1. Hey Josh,

      Marriage isn’t easy lol!

      We got divorced in 2008 for many reasons, her ‘meanness’ was in fact one of the criteria listed by me.

  4. It seems that your wife was not a nice person. It maybe ok to prank someone for a day or part of a day but for so late no! Inhuman.

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