The Final Quickie!!


The Final Quickie!!

For The Final Quickie, a number of different questions about T Shirts

Do you wear Tee Shirts and if so, is there a particular style you prefer to wear?

Of the following styles which is more you?

Short Sleeve

Long Sleeve

¾ sleeve

Long BodiedTee shirts

Oversize or Loose Fitted

V Neck


Do you prefer to wear them plain as in white, black or grey, or are you more of a vibrant soul and like to wear lots of bright coloureds?

Perhaps you like to wear patterned tee shirts?

Maybe graphics or designs or even slogans are your thing?

Which colours do you have more of a hankering towards?

What fabrics do you like to wear?

Do you like fitted or relaxed tees?

Let me know below what you truly like about tee shirts


19 thoughts on “The Final Quickie!!

  1. well, this will be quick. I don’t wear them at all. I wear scrub tops as they are loose and have multiple pockets.

  2. Yes. All of the above. Soft cotton t-shirts are wonderful. You listed all the style options… LOL
    I saw a slogan shirt the other day I almost bought. A purple shirt with “IRONY. The opposite of wrinkly” printed on it.

  3. T shirts, short sleeve, v neck, bright colors, usually solids. Do NOT wear anything with the standard “t-shirt” neckline bleech! Only “slogan Tee” I own is “dyslexics of the world untie”

  4. My wardrobe is blues and teals.
    I might wear a T-shirt for cleaning, or when hiking/walking/jogging.
    No slogans or brandd logos – I am not a billboard, and would only advertise for them if they paid me, not the other way round.
    Short sleeves in February or summer, either three quarter or long in the cooler months.
    I don’t wear anything tight or revealing, but prefer a V-neck because of my feminine shape.
    I am not really fussy about fabrics. I buy most of my clothes in charity shops so look for garments in good condition.

      1. Meaning different necklines are either more or less flattering depending on whether you are flatter chested or not. I was going to say womanly.
        I just mean that a V-neck is probably better for my shape.
        Sorry Rory – I am really really not with it at the moment.

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