Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way! [7]

Oh No Way, Oh So Way – My Way![7]

Had my tonsils out

Oh So Way

Yes, when l was 10 l had my tonsils out.

Been in such a rush that l ‘cleaned up’ by piling everything into a closet.

Oh No Way

Nope, not guilty, l was and still am way too tidy to simply throw anything into one space, it would drive me absolutely bonkers.

Dressed up as the opposite sex

Oh So Way

Absolutely, from my days in college to my days in retail and even once attempted to dress up like a drag queen for a party! Bugger me how you ladies walk in heels is quite beyond me!! Fricking skill that is!

Heard another couple ‘doing it’ and tried to out do their noise level with my own ‘doing it’

Oh So Way

Yes, long time ago when l was in my twenties, my at the time part time girlfriend and l were downstairs and her Mother and Father were upstairs making one helluvva din, so we decided to compete. Did we win – don’t know in all honesty – l am not really that much of a noisy lover and too much noise pits me off the beat! Thinking back it was more of a giggle, and l think her Mother won the day and l do remember the curdling cry of joy her father made when he, well ‘when he!!’ is enough!

Smoked from a bong

Oh So Way

Funny story here. Many years ago again, in my later twenties l was introduced to the ‘bong’, and took to it like a duck takes to water, but another girl l was with had never sampled one, and when she asked how to do it, before l could answer, my friend pipped in with ‘”well it’s like this , imagine you are giving a blowjob! once you have that technique well you are on your way to a good ol’ bonging journey!!” She only actually believed him, l don’t think l had ever seen anything quite as disturbing or erotic at the same time – it brought new meaning to the term ‘steam coming from your ears!”

Been an extra in a movie

Oh No Way

Nope, never, not once, although my Sister when young in Australia was an extra in one of the Milky Bars are On Me adverts! Milky Bar Kid.

Googled my own name to see what comes up

Oh So Way

Long before the likes of this blog, Facebook and Twitter. I am in there in either Scribd, but also with the likes of my business TSKA or on various forums.

Wondered what type of animal species l might if not human

Oh So Way

Yeah, l have often wondered if l might come back as a dog.

Danced in a fountain

Oh So Way

Yes, Paris – got told off, but it was fun.

Been peed on by an elephant

Oh So Way

Yes many, many years ago when l was about five and l was trying to tell my parents that there was an’Effanent coming!’, they didn’t believe me and because our car windows were open, when it peed, the splash back was awful!

Made an Ostrich angry

Oh So Way

Once again yes, in 2004, it was when l learned about the absolutely damage an angry ostrich could do to a man if they chose!

Dressed up as a super hero for role play during sex

Oh So Way

Yes, once was enough , never again! I am simply put no Superman!

Walked in on a couple who were doing it

Oh So Way

Yes, l remember many years ago, walking in on my parents – which was really awful and a sight that has never left my head – but then as l got older it was common practice to be walking in on at least someone doing it somewhere, nightclubs, toilets, alleyways, parties, you name it, l have walked in on someone!

Upset a giraffe

Oh So Way

Not me, but in 1978, London zoo, a giraffe took a fancy to my Mother’s wig because she was making silly noises at it. It took her wig and a fair bit of her hair!

Gotten something stuck in my nose

Oh So Way

Me only once, l slipped and a pen with a plastic cap lodged itself into my nose and had to be removed under a local! My Sister when young was forever sticking things up her nose, from marbles, to mothballs to ear studs!

Peed in the swimming pool instead of going to the toilet

Oh So Way

Anyone who says they have never done this, l feel is telling porkies! not a regular user of the pool these days, but as a kid sure of course l did, as an adult probably, if l was having too much fun in the pool to be bothered to get out and go to the loo. a number one is nothing, a number two is a no no!

Picked fluff out of my belly button

Oh So Way

I am a hairy chested fellow, so as other hairy chested fellows can agree with, we have an skill that allows us to gather enough fluff in our belly buttons to make a cushion once a year!

Been on a blind date

Oh So Way

Yes, and some have gone horribly, horribly wrong!

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  1. I just knew an elephant peed on you and that an ostrich attacked you… LOL. With all your animal experience it had to have happened. Did you giggle when the giraffe stole your mother’s wig?
    I’m trying to picture someone putting their mouth around the outside of a bong… LMAO
    So many fun stories!! Thanks for sharing them!

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