Dear Blog … 13.07 – 26/02/19


Adding insults to Injuries!

What a difference it makes in switchboardery – l care not if that words exists, l have made it so, so it does for the sake of this post entry.

It wasn’t that long back that l was having to spend 45 minutes + on the telephone to get through to the designated receptionist just to find out about my MRSA swab or just to find out anything about the so called simple proceedure and yet the moment you mention ‘private medical’ and suddenly it is like you have been swished down the red carpet in so far as communication lines go.

I rang up this morning to speak to the ‘choose and book private care unit administration team’, who sped me through pronto to the ‘support coordinator’ who would be able to advise me on what this proceedure was going to actually cost me. He couldn’t at that point, but he assured me that he would be back to me within the hour and at the latest two, because and l quote. ‘we don’t like making people in pain wait!’

Ironic, considering l spoke to him three weeks ago during my 45 minute call fuck up, and at that point it was he who implied it was more than his jobs worth just to let me know about my NHS proceedure!!

You see this is the seriousness of the state of play in today’s hospitals – it matters not whether they cater to NHS [public health patients] or private health patients they are ALL dealing with the same people, it’s just a label title that is different.  With the NHS l am online a call for 45 minutes becoming stressed to the hilt and being tranferred to up to 16 departments in the hospitals and yet same call , same number and the word ‘private’ included and suddenly everybody is part of your private team, there for you? It’s fuckwittery at its very best or even simpler – bullshit and bollocks!

So sometime today l am going to find out what this proceedure is going to cost me, and then l must make the decision based on finances as to whether l go private or stick with the NHS – it’s sinful in many ways. But l am not sure if l can wait for a further four months at the physical cost of even more deterioration of my shoulder and at the ultimate cost of my mental health .. so l guess we will see what the outcome of this morning’s phone call results in.

Dear Blog ……

6 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 13.07 – 26/02/19

    1. I have just heard back it’s going to cost £926 which is about $1200.

      Suze has just said we should book it, she’ll pop it on her credit card and when the inheritance is released l can pay her back.

      I cannot help but feel we are being seriously swindled, but l cannot cope with this anymore, as l am losing the battle with my depression.

      1. Nothing is as important as physical and mental health. You should go for it. I am sure you’re inheritance will more than cover it.

  1. It’s worth paying for it if you can. I’m sorry to say I don’t hold much hope that these injections are going to fix the problem. Hopefully they will relieve your pain while you wait for the keyhole surgery.

    Why must these jerkwad doctors always dick around with “let’s try this, let’s try that” when they know they’re gonna have to do the surgery?! Especially after making you wait months and months… getting worse the whole time. ARRGGG!!!! I’ve been thru this crap too many times and it pisses me off to see a friend having to deal with it. I want to go kick some people for you!!

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