14 – 48 Yesterdays’ Bombshells 2010


14 – 48 Yesterdays’ Bombshells

I remember quite clearly when l was around sixteen having a conversation with my Father about the various films on the screen and we were talking about which female actresses we both liked – who we thought were good, who we considered attractive and who we considered were sexy or had the greatest sex appeal and why and more importantly what we both believed awarded them this elusive sex appeal that is different to so many people of all ages.

My Dad liked at the time Michelle Pfeiffer as indeed did l, but he liked Glenn Close, Meryl Streep, and Sigourney Weaver and Susan Sarandon, but equally Sally Field and his list went on, but he changed course mid stride and then admitted to liking Brigitte Bardot, Ann Margaret and Jacqueline Bisset.

In truth a lot of the women he mentioned l liked and also conceded to liking Loni Anderson, Adrienne Barbeau, Angie Dickinson, Shelley Hack, Stephanie Powers and my list went on as well and as long as his did.

We both agreed at the time, that we each had different tastes but that is what made each person individual.  

Now some thirty plus years on, l was walking down to the shop last week and heard what l can only guess were a Father and Son talking about actresses in films, and so l started to walk slower and instead of overtaking them, simply allowed Scrappy to linger more on her sniffing time. The subject at the time was who did they think was more attractive and why?

Between them, they discussed Emily Ratajkowski, Cara Delevinge, Selena Gomez, Emma Watson, Eva Mendes and Rosamund Pike and l had to smile at myself as it reminded me not just of the similar conversation my own Father and l had had all those years back, but also of a conversation in 2010 with my young mate Jack who was thirteen going on fourteen.

That year l was living in a caravan with my two dogs in Lincolnshire, working as a part time stable hand and kennel groom. I was privately renting from Jack’s parents. Jack was a gangly kind of youth, who at that age was struggling to find a girlfriend, and so he and l used to talk whilst l worked cleaning out the stables. Jack liked to ‘talk the talk’, but in reality was quite shy and to hide that came across as cocky. The previous night he had watched one of the Harry Potters and was talking about Emma Watson.

The following poem was about that conversation….


14 – 48 Yesterdays’ Bombshells

During the many talks l have with my young mate Jack,
Many seemingly centre on what is considered sexy,
In women, not just of today but also from way back,
Throughout time, and what is the essence of true sexual beauty?
Of course with him at fourteen and myself at forty eight,
There is a huge gap of what is believed to be seriously fit,
Buff, gorgeous, seductive and forgetting not alluringly deviate,
He seems to believe that at my age, l am just ‘past it’,

I ask of him, ‘What is it that you think it is, sex appeal?’
He simply answers atypically of his generation,
‘Women that are ‘doable’ and wear little and reveal,
Everything, willing to please me in the bedroom to the kitchen,
And that is all that matters to him when he spanks,
Thinking of his naked pornographic starlets,
Lining his bedroom walls and archived in his stimulus bank,
But what am l to expect of a young mans’ inner portrait?

Raising the subject of jaw dropping bombshells,
And the reality of what makes them seductively alluring,
So astoundingly attractive and highly sexual,
The mere sight of them leaving you drooling,
We had to first discuss the essence of the vixen,
History’s symbols of beautiful women and what made them so,
Appealing to man in the first place to be classed as kittens,
For stunning women are abound, but only a handful truly glow,

What makes for a sensational effect in a woman?
So much so, that it stands her apart from other beauties,
And can cause a normal man to simply not function,
Turn on a sixpence; go weak at the knees and act like a zombie?
Is it just the apparent visual curvaceous pleasures?
Or is it something far deeper and more mysterious,
The ability to provocatively ensnare and capture,
Man’s mind confidently and with a sparkling frankness?

Men’s opinions on what is sexy change like the weather,
Whilst we are predictable to a certain degree,
Married men focus differently to the bachelor,
But it can safely be said that most men see,
The same finer points to a woman’s bombshell sexuality,
For the most part, sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder,
And can be achieved either knowingly or unconsciously,
Differing between generations of younger and older,

What l think is sexy will be different to my mate Jack,
For me, a natural beauty who can be herself,
Him, Barbie doll with a ‘parkable’ ass and a great rack,
And boobs that come from the shelf,
I want a woman that is comfortable in her own skin,
That looks great in all that she wears,
With eyes and a smile that sparkle just for me in sin,
And that can sink me to my knees with just one stare,

But personally sexy and commercial bombshell,
Are again two totally different things?
Obtainable beauty and unobtainable sexual,
Foxes and other such seductively alluring darlings,
Were what our original discussion was about,
So without further ado,
Here is the agreed list of knockout,
Babes since the dawn of time for you!

First however you must understand,
That this list is a combined effort between two ages,
Agreements between a teenager and a man,
In truth a compromise in what successfully teases,
Be this the look in the eyes, a smile,
The flick of the hair, the cut of the dress,
Curves of the body, and everything else worthwhile,
Or sometimes just the state of undress!

Also, this is about drop dead sexually gorgeous,
Not just pretty, attractive or even beautiful,
However many fall into the depths of this ageless,
Vase of desirability and mans’ goggling eyeful,
It was agreed that as the first ever template,
Of womanly perfection must come Eve,
She must have been ‘ a bit of alright’ to have been Adams’ bedmate,
And for a snake to allow her to thieve,

Cleopatra was a clear winner in many a man’s eye,
As indeed was Elizabeth Taylor in her performance,
Both were considered sex kittens of their time,
Even if one was finally seduced by a serpent!
Ava Gardner temptress and seductive bombshell,
Partying wild child of the fifties was indeed a symbol,
As was indeed the bikini clad femme fatale,
Of Raquel Welch who was blessed with an ample handful,

Lest us not forget the dumb blonde guise of Marilyn Monroe,
Rumoured to have bed both the Kennedy’s,
Not the first seductress to have had a go,
At sleeping with the presidency!
Jean Harlow the first of all explosive vixens,
Who caused so much uproar with her screens,
That she goes down forever as the truest sex kitten,
Shocking the nation back then and classed as obscene!

Queen of the pin ups must go to the free spirit of Bettie Page,
Unashamed sexuality of the of the early fifties,
Her photo shoots and trademark marked her as ‘bondage’,
And slotted her into bombshell status with ease,
For mesmerizing sensuality and instant appeal,
Brigitte Bardot’s carefree wild table dancing,
Opened her up as a fox willing to reveal,
And made many playboy readers fall into aching!

Italians must feel proud of their inclusion,
With the voluptuous figure of Sophia Loren,
Overflowing symbol of sex even in 2007,
When Pirelli photographed the spaghetti queen,
And having seen our first ten of femmes of seduction,
We move on now too modern times,
As Jack would call it ‘the era of action’,
Or more pleasing bedtimes!

Angelina Jolie, an incredible sexual megastar,
Known by many for many roles but Lara Croft,
Rang her true as the most memorable by far,
A truly faultless vixen not to be scoffed,
Who would have thought that Lady Gaga would be here,
But her musical incantations and provocative rhythms,
Not forgetting outlandish tunes to the ear,
Places her high amongst today’s vixens!

Kelly Brook made my breakfasts it has to be said,
Loved by men and women alike in Britain,
Even the underwater horror of Piranha 3d was not that dead,
With her bared underwater role of sin!
Friends like Jennifer Aniston made life more worthwhile,
Made famous by the successful American sitcom,
Portrayed her to us in true sexy style,
And launched her into symbol status headlong!

It must have been Pearl Harbour for me,
Although Underworld and Van Helsing came a close second,
But with Kate Beckinsale arrived a classic sexy beauty,
Even better that she comes from England!
Keira Knightly also scores highly in my books,
Making piracy an absolute period to study well,
For her astonishingly drop dead gorgeous looks,
Would make even King Arthur’s head swell!

Yesterdays’ bombshells are in the many for me alone,
I cannot forget the likes of Kelly LeBrock,
In Weird Science, or Gillian Anderson,
In the X- Files, or the hazardous Barbara Bach,
Shania Twain could sing to me all day,
Marisa Tomei and Beverly D’Angelo would be welcome too,
And l would never turn away,
Cindy Crawford, Elizabeth Hurley or Jennifer Love Hewitt would you?

Vampire Slayer Sara Michelle Gellar,
Or horror symbol Emily Booth,
Would also make me a happy fella,
And take me back to my youth,
But also the likes of the incredible Doris Day,
Who ensnared me as much as Jenny Agutter of Logan’s Run,
All would be a welcome addition today,
To my bachelor hood of no women fun,

Godzilla’s’ wife Sarah Jessica Parker’s sexiness,
Is known worldwide for her role of city sin,
But is no comparison to the likes of Jacqueline Bisset,
Who got me in the Deep and made me grin,
Apparently being a Welsh choir singer is a young mans’ turn on,
And Church attendance is high at the present time,
For Charlotte can do no wrong,
For she is classed as buff all the way down her lines,

Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer earned their roles as hotties,
Through their ability to don the irresistible spandex,
And throw men’s lives into complete turmoil as tightly clad totty!
Making them seductively appealing to the opposite sex,
Cheryl Cole is keen to advertise her northern sexuality,
Voted as one of the sexiest women in our world,
With all her many talents we cannot deny her beauty,
And her effortless ability to make men’s toes curl!

And we come to the last three of our bombshell list,
For me l have two, Salma Hayek a Mexican goddess,
A curvaceous and sumptuous Latina a real hit not to be missed,
For Jack it can only be Megan Fox a vixen totally blessed,
She is everything he desires in a woman of today,
And openly admits she sends him into a complete lather!
For me my ultimate femme fatale that blows me away,
Is Scarlett Johansson, even if l am old enough to be her father!

And that is our completed list of the sexiest women alive,
Or dead as the case may have been,
Who may be considered sexy today may take a nosedive,
Tomorrow, for men worldwide are always in a head spin,
Over beautifully jaw dropping temptresses,
But it can be safely said,
Most women can easily impress,
Us with the lights out and when in bed!

© Rory Matier 2010

 This poem is not for everyone’s taste and is not designed to cause offence; it is merely an age old conversation between men, Fathers and Sons, Brothers and friends. I have been told that women and girls, Mothers and Daughters are renowned for it also. It is not gender specific or even age specific.  It is not designed as a post to be seen or read as derogatory to women or men, it is simply a topic centering around films and in many cases that everyone talks about at one point or another as to what is hot and what is not.

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    1. Morning Grandma – glad you liked it. I was very concerned with posting this piece live and had a few people glance over it first and it was met with differing opinions.

      However it is but a simple age old conversation that is constantly talked about and shared between all walks of life.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

  1. Mum didn’t have conversations like that with us girls….
    …but what she did do was behave like Mrs Bennett from Pride & Prejudice.
    She would start shouting up the stairs: “Girls! Girls! Come quickly! Tim has come round to do the accounts with your father. For goodness sake put a dress on and fix your hair. He would make a perfect husband for one of you”.
    We were soooooooooo embarrassed!

    1. Ha ha ha!!!

      This is brilliant, absolutely beautifully superb!

      Thank you for this marvelous humour Mel 🙂

      I can just visualise it [am still chortling!]

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