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Finally, today after what is now weeks of ringing up the hospital to get information for my shoulder l got my response – wait time 16 weeks!

“Tell me you are not serious?” I enquired from the receptionist.”Are you honestly saying l have got to wait four months to have this so called simple proceedure carried out? Are you in pain every day? If you had been in pain for 14 months, 8 of which were under the NHS and someone told you – that you had another four months to wait, how would you feel?”
“I am sorry Mr Matier, that is the shape of things today – just keep taking tablets and resting your arm.” She answered.

“I am resting my arm, but in the 8 months under the NHS at your own concession my injury has gone from severe to critical! My pinched nerve cannot heal till the now collapsed acromion is fixed, and the upper tendonitis which has only developed because of the time it is taking to fix and repair the acromnion has not just gotten worse but is now as forecast 6 months ago by a physiotherapist causing serious deterioration and deformation to my pectorals. My chest is now suffering as well. If that’s not enough, my left shoulder has now developed upper tendonitis because of the strain of the damaged right shoulder. Listen l am not trying to be funny, but what on earth was the point to having a swab for MRSa if my appointment isn’t until 4 months time? Where is the logic in swabbing me that far in advance. Equally why didn’t the consultant mention the waiting time?”

“I do understand Mr Matier, l can imagine how painfu…” She began.
“Seriously, is that what you are going to say, is that your offering? You feel my pain? How, may l ask are you feeling my pain? I can’t walk without a level 6 pain, as we live on a hill, l can’t sleep without a level 6 pain, l can’t travel in a car anywhere without a level 10 pain. These are your hospitals descriptions for pain, level this and level that. Sitting down l am a level 4 anyway, and all of these levels are with 20 tablets a day that do an 85% job. If l try stupidly to not take any tablets, then my pain levels are off the scale! So please tell me how on earth you can feel my pain please?”

“I, l l was just trying …” She stuttered.
“Don’t say anything, my point is this – you don’t know anything about my pain, or the dehabilitation, the stress or even my depression, that l am desperately trying to stave off by being overly motivated!! I love to write and l can’t write, l can’t really do anything anymore, over the last few months l have lost 80% of my actual functionality with my right arm – again something forecasted by your team! I am pretty useless currently – so can you resonate with that as well? I don’t think you can, not really.  Where am l going to be in four months time? What damage is there going to be with your wait time? What of my left shoulder? What of my state of mentality? What of my depression? How many tablets have l got to take to actually make this go away and not care about it anymore – crisis team level? That level? Because my depression is really struggling now.”

“I am sorry l am just a receptionist Mr Matier, it ‘s not really my job to discuss these rhings with you.”

“Oh l am so sorry, l forgot, more than your jobs worth to discuss the human element with your patients!”

“You could always go private care.” She offered.

“Private care, as in pay for the whole proceedure privately, yes? Do you not think if l had this money l would have already done this? Do you think l am that much of a muppet to allow myself to be in agony for over a year? Tell me something, it’s a 4 month wait on the NHS – how long is the wait privately?”

“You could have this done in a week.”
“Would that be the same consultant that would see to me on the NHS?”
“Erm, yes it would be, but you see we are a private hospital, we see NHS patients as well.”
“So my actual consultant needs four months to see me with the NHS can see me in the space of a week if l pay him privately?”
“Yes, would you like to book that now?” She stupidly asked.
“Did l stutter when l said l didn’t have the finances for this privately? I don’t think l did, l think l was pretty clear, and yet here you are almost insultingly telling me that my consultant cannot see one of his patients who is in agony for four months, but if l pay him the readies he will see me pronto? Do you see the irony here?”
“Well it’s not really an irony, it’s fact.” She quipped.

“So tell me this, as you have my file open, what ratio of success is this proceedure of theirs which will now happen in 4 months time, and take into consideration the deterioration that l am experiencing?”
“If it was me l would go privately, and get it done before any further damage may appear – but l cannot advise you.”
“What happens if it doesn’t work, and l then have to have keyhole, am l placed onto the bottom of the waiting list again, or are you then going to advise l spend even more money privately?”
“I think Mr Matier – you need to speak to one of our administrations team tomorrow and they can advise you best.”

So tomorrow, l am now going to speak to one of their admins with regards this diabolical mess!

I cannot deny that my upbeat motivation has taken a serious nosedive with this news.

Dear Blog ……

15 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 6.15 – 25/02/19

  1. and you have found one way f getting into an office to speak with a “team”…keep causing trouble my friend. it is the squeeky wheel that gets fixed!

    1. Yeah, l had figured that, but sadly the very nature of the NHS nowadays it simply doesn’t work that way anymore – you either have the money and you’ll get all the help you need or you don’t.

      I was in this situation 3 years ago – paid privately, £4000 to have the surgeon say ‘something there but nothing remarkable’ , so 4k down the shitter and it then took a £25 alternative medicine doctor to sort out a 25 year stomach bowel disorder that the NHS had misdiagnosed year in year out since my 30’s! Money totally wasted there.

      My fear Suze is because this so called simple proceedure may not work, l am scared of wasting good money.

      What l have decided to do is buy my medical file and seek out a second opinion first and then look for a choose and book system in the NHS and het the job done.

  2. I’m shouting expletives!! Damn I hate medicine for profit!!
    I spent years getting worse and worse waiting and waiting. I had a “trial” of the intrathecal pain pump and it was exactly what I needed. Worked perfectly! So my surgeons submitted for the surgery for the actual unit and the insurance company answer was “okay, in six months”. Why six months? Because they could.
    I’d tell you to throw yourself down on the bed for a good, old fashioned temper tantrum with some primal screaming but you’d probably hurt yourself worse.
    If they’re going to make you wait, they should at the very least give you some better meds. REAL painkillers. 💌

    1. If only meds as an improvement was possible – but because the hospital is seperate from the surgery, and never the Twain shall meet, that can’t happen anyway.

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