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Blog Series Questions Recap

Jan 20th – Feb 15th 2019

For the next two weeks, this post will be reblogged – this series of questions were posed to my readership with a view for research. Should any of my readership wish to answer these questions be this in the comments section or via creating a post, please do feel free to do so. Your answers are valuable to me. Even if you have answered some of these questions before, but may have missed some out on their first posting- then l would also like to hear your views, should you wish to address them as such.

Should you wish to see the individual questions themselves, then the LINK HERE will take you to the Directory. Should you create a post l will reblog and also archive in the directory itself.

Many Thanks – Rory

Date Questions
Jan 20th If you kept a diary, would you lie to it or if you keep a diary do you lie within your pages and if so to either questions … why?
Jan 23rd What do you actually like about Awards?

What do you not like about Awards?

What would you like to see with Awards?

What would you consider to be a true ‘Nomination’ Award?

If it was a true Nomination Award, as in you are entered into a pool of other bloggers and the Award had more impact and value, what would you like to see at the end of it?

Jan 24th What Do You Think Makes For A Good Blogging Experience?
Jan 25th Did you … read other blogs before creating your own?
Jan 26th Do You Actually … like everything you write about?
Jan 27th What Makes You … want to follow another Blogger’s Blog?

Would you follow your own blog and if so why?

What do you personally look for when deciding to follow another blogger?

Jan 28th How much … routine and structure do you like your blog to have?
Jan 29th What do you think would be a good prize for a writer?
Jan 30th What is it about … our community here in WordPress that you like or dislike?
Jan 31st What do you consider to be your biggest personal faults when blogging?
Feb 01st We would all love to make money from our blogs if we could, but does this mean we have to sell our souls purely to the advertising devil, or is there any other way?
Feb 02nd Do you think  … you are too honest for your blog, your readership and your audience?
Feb 03rd Do you consider your blog an art form?
Feb 04th How Important Is Your Blog To You?
Feb 05th How often do you … post content to your blog?

What’s the … ideal length for a blog post?

Feb 06th Do You Feel Guilty … if you don’t read a certain amount of blogs per day?

Do you like a blog post without actually reading the content, if so why?

Feb 07th In your opinion … what do you think makes for an all-round blogger?
Feb 08th What do you use for all of your WP needs, writing, creating, reading and surfing?
Feb 09th How do you motivate yourself to keep your Blog up and running?

Do you find that there are Bloggers who have impacted your blogging experience and if so how?

Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and then explain why they are your favourites?

Feb 10th How … competitive are you?
Feb 11th What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

Have you ever considered … the impact you have on people?

Feb 12th What helps you … to be continually creative, inventive or imaginative with your blog?
What inspires and motivates you?
Feb 13th If you have one what is your End Game?

In the future … where do you hope your blog will take you?

What do you want ultimately from your blog?

Feb 14th How Much Time … do you spend in your blog?
Feb 15th How Specifically Unique … are you to your blog’s personality today?

Now how influenced are you by your readership? Also how does that affect your decision making with regards your personality within your blog?

Has your blog evolved to accommodate the desires of your readership in any way? To the point that it detracts you from your initial creative path? Do you write things only for your audience that you normally wouldn’t write?

Have you found that maybe your audience has expectations of your style and personality and perhaps they have stereotyped or pigeon holed you at all into one genre?


12 thoughts on “Blog Series Questions Recap

  1. This is a great series of insightful questions. I learned a lot about myself in trying to answer them . I also benefited greatly from the views of other bloggers. I missed some of them so thanks for posting them again here.

  2. since from couple of days I was a little less active in WP and i suppose i haven’t answered much questions but definitely all are marvellous and your ideas for attracting bloggers is great.

    Feb 15 question : How unique my blog is….. I suppose readers who read and are following me reqularly can express better.

    Feb 14 : I try giving atleast an hour or two for what I want to express otherwise like spending time for reading at reqular intervals unless been interepted,

    Feb 10 : I do believe in healthy competition. Taking all situations with sportsmenship spirit.

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