4 Paws Diary – Ep 32

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Episode 32

4 Paws Diary

23rd February 2019

Calling All K9ers!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quickie!

You may have noticed that l have been pawlogging my K9 Interview series in the last few weeks. These were interviews that l held with the K9’s of Twitter when l presided there last year. I am not there any more as l prefer the pace of here in WP, more so that the Tweeters. I still have my account, but l simply don’t have my kennel door open anymore there.

Anyway,  Today we had Cedar who was just a lovely interviewee and his interview is number 22, there are a total of 58 but this also include Feliners as well. So yes, l can interview them as well, but we don’t have many of those admittedly. I am still working on the new more universal PETZ questionnaire which will then open the doors for all sorts of companions! but l am not quite there just yet.

However, l am now looking for new/fresh K9/Feline interviewees – those who might like to take part in our questionnaire interviews. i am pretty sure l have a lovlie coming on board soon called Nitro but l think he is busy currently, but we shall soon see.

“If you are interested in pawticipaing please email me at doodlepip03@gmail.com and l will email you back with the questionnaire.”

So as to what’s been happening in my life in the last week or so since we last chatted? Well not a lot. Mummy and Dad are still referring to me as Missy Picky. They say that my quirks are all becoming a bit too much! Which l find quite insultive really, l mean COME ON, look at Dad! Hello? Need l say more?? He is the living testament of quirkiness!

He has more quirks that a breakfast serial and more foibles than Columbo and they think l am being awkward? i am not that all, l am selective – l know what l like and what l don’t , l like structure in my day and a bit protective of my routines, but at least l am not governed entirely by this OKD thing! If however l am, then l blame them, they haven’t created a monster – l live with monsters!

Nope, mustn’t rise to this, their level … l will be back again before the end of this month when l am calmer and explain all!

Also on a much sadder note my friend Princess Diamond the Hunydog is no longer with us. We had a lovely interview in July of last year. Here My condolances go to her Mom – Melanie Bee Cee Huny walked over the Rainbow Bridge recently and is now in the great Dog Park – tail waggs and wuffs to you Huny x


Till then, Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

Ps: don’t forget if you would like to be interviewed – email me!


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