It’s A Brand New Day!



It’s A Brand New Day!

Good Morning, Good afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Folks!

We are all in different time zones so it seems only fitting to address you all correctly … Australia is the early part of their evening, the USA and Canada  are still in the wee hours – New Zealand is fast approaching the night as examples. India, Hong Kong and Singapore are enjoying various times of the afternoon, and even Europe are mid morning!

However, that all aside, my greetings to you all, are still the same!I do hope you have, have had and will have a terrific Thursday!

Rory and Doodlepip


Quote of the Morning

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

George Addair

Motivation Ping


Music to Start Your Day!!!

Best of 30s and 40s Music Mix | 30s and 40s Jazz and Swing Collection

Are you familiar with the bloggers below?

Take some time out of your morning to stop by and check them out – all quality writers with some excellent reads – inspiration, life observation, motivation, fiction, humour, mystery and an awesome love for life!

Lady D of 3C Style

Julie de Rohan

Jo of A Creative PTSD Gal

Sadje of Keep it Alive

ArtisanX of Proscenium

Jeanne of Borderline Crossing


19 thoughts on “It’s A Brand New Day!

  1. It’s still Wednesday here for another 45 minutes. Pouring rain. In SoCal?!?
    I’m snug in my bed with a purring kitty at my back.

    I’m hoping your day is relatively stress and pain free! I’ll catch back up with you later. For now, I’ll say… Goodnight JohnBoy 💤

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