Dear Blog … 18.55 – 20/02/19


The Overthunked Curse!

You know those days, yes those days!

You have had this bright idea, an epiphany really and you overthink it so hard, you not only lose sight of the original thought, but you forget what started that initial thought in the first place!

That’s been my afternoon, everything that could be twisted became twisted further in my quest to ‘become more balanced’ as a blogger.

I have been dilligently working hard in the depths of my blog for the last couple of weeks, tighhtening the screws here, tying the knots there, dotting the i’s and crossing the  T’s, inserting various systems to make me as l have already said more … balanced.

There are all sorts of things going on in my blog, and l suppose only hard core fanatics would find some of the pages l have inserted – they’re not hidden, just not promoted. But they are there to support my OCD which is in full gear currently whilst l try my hardest to improve how l function. 85% of the time things are going rather smoothingly if l say so myself, so l am pleased.

This afternoon, I have been working with my Excel scheduler to make things easier on me … l am blogging too much, not the time – but the quantity – somehow l have sped up, so now l must slow down.I speed up when l am stressed, l suspect this giving up smoking might be behind it.

I have identified all sorts of things and was implementing them into my Excel Timesheet and then who knows how, but l got so terribly confused and sidetracked, that l lost where l was and then got all blustery about it!

Now l have an absolutely stonking headache and how? Because l was literally overthunking it to the extreme! I absolutely hate it when that happens! Don’t you?

Dear Blog ……

11 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 18.55 – 20/02/19

  1. Ask anyone… I rarely OVERthink anything. LOL! I do however lose my train of thought mid-sentence at times and that is very frustrating! I’ll be trying to explain something and I forget words, so I try using other words to explain the word I can’t remember…it turns into a tangled mess and I just get so frustrated I stomp away in a huff.

    I hope your evening went better . Remember… tomorrow is a brand new day…to completely wreck🙂LMAO!!

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