Thought Provoker’s



Thought Provoker’s

Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness?

Yes, It’s Damaging Us

No, It’s another format

No Opinion

Actually, I Think

Why Do People Bully Others?


Avoid Own Problems

Look Cool

For Fun

Which Stigma/Taboo Is Worse?

Mental Health

Self Harm



Do You NEED People In Your Life? How Many People Do You Meet With & Talk

1-3 per Day

4-9 Per Day

10-17 Per Day

18+ Per Day


Let me know your views below to these four questions.


11 thoughts on “Thought Provoker’s

  1. I’m just going to weigh in, here. The question that stopped me, was the d second about bullying. When I think about all the instances of bullying I’ve heard, seen, and have been involved with, NONE of them occurred from the search for “fun”.
    Ironically, most cases deceptively appear as such. Boys will approach a single out timid kid. A girl will sit and gossip and laugh as another girl passed by. Bullying is a mask for insecurities and self sabotage. This is his or her way of “feeling better”… About themselves. This behavior has nothing to do with the victim. It’s so unfortunate though, because suicide happens way to often as a result. People need to be real with themselves. Parents need to teach acceptance of differentiality. Kids need to understand one in the same is boring as fuck.

    1. Hey Nova, thanks for the response here.

      My Father bullied for fun, he got a real kick out of it. He bullied his family for the same reason, oh there were many more – but it was all part and parcel of his dominance power trip.

      When at school in Australia, l too was bullied for fun, and yes of course there were many other reasons to boot – l was different, l was a Pommy as in English in the land of Australians. It does happen sadly.

  2. I talk to 1-3 people a day sometimes more. I think social media is good, when its used right. As for the other question, i’d say self harm and suicidality xo

  3. Okay then:

    Tuesday’s Thought Provoker’s

    Is Social Media Ruining Genuine Friendship & Encouraging More Loneliness? Actually, I Think it probably IS, but for those of us (see question #4) who don’t like hanging out with others any way – it’s a moot point. I do think people are forgetting how to hold a face-to-face conversation with another human being, losing any vestige of phone etiquette and over all becoming rather insular because of social media. I believe in moderation in ALL things.

    Why Do People Bully Others? Because they are assholes and cowards IMHO. Usually (I’ve found personally anyway) if one challenges the bully and shows no fear at all, the bully will run away or stop bothering you if it’s on line. Because they probably are insecure and idiotic in real life.

    Which Stigma/Taboo Is Worse? The worst to ME (personally) isn’t on your list. All the ones you listed have taboo/stigma attached to them. But the worst IMHO is: Bigotry/racism or judgmental attitude. And the taboo or stigma attached is fully deserved too.

    Do You NEED People In Your Life? No, I do not. How Many People Do You Meet With & Talk: Try ZIP (O) most days. I don’t need people in my life, although I suspect that’s about to change. I’ll go with 1-3 per Day. That number includes fast food drive up window workers you know!

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