Dear Blog … 22.31 – 18/02/19


A Little Bit Of Puff!

Eight days in of ‘giving up smoking’……………… Looks great written like that, but the reality is an absolute nightmare!

I have seriously struggled with this, this time around – not sure if it’s because l still have a certain amount of stress present or as l suspect – l approached this the wrong way entirely.

Ok, hard facts l have in the last 8 days smoked way less than l did in the 8 days previous to my starting on this journey – so looking for the positives out of the negatives, that’s at least one bright star! But have l totally stopped smoking tobacco? NO! I need nic hits!

I think l was so eager to actually give up that l completely forgot that of course the other reason behind smoking is NOT just the need for the hand to mouth routine, but also l have a nicotime addiction – that comes with the territory of smoking. I went from smoking nicotine to a complete change of habit and started vaping 0mg nicotine Mango Smoothie!

Big mistake – HUGE!

So l have had to now return to buying a pouch of 50g tobacco and opted for Amber Leaf which is as a leaf a smoother and less harsh tobacco than the Cutter’s Choice l was smoking. Now, l have divided the pouch up into smaller segments and Suze with my permission holds the main tobacco supply.

So 8 days in l am both vaping 0mg Mango Smoothie and allowing myself  5g a day for the nic hits.

The shakes was frazzling my brain something chronic!

Round Two – Lesson Learned: Be realistic you Muppet!


I don’t know who read my Father’s Novel – The Killing of Alex Miller – however l am now at Chapter 14 and Episode 20 in the series and am astonished at his complete and utter lack of fiction! He literally only has changed the names of the main characters! This will be the only novel l show, the other four l simply cannot see having any great demand for.

The only truly good thing to come out of it is that l can see his own Asperger’s up close and personal in many ways.


Still no joy from the NHS regarding my appointment to getting this shoulder fixed. I spent 20 minutes this afternoon ringing their switch board just to get hold of appointments – did l get through?

No – will have to try again tomorrow!


Has anyone tried the Oh Prompt Me Do yet? How are you finding it? I have plans later on to introduce another one that displays purely games, so any feedback would be greatly received at this point.

Dear Blog ……

13 thoughts on “Dear Blog … 22.31 – 18/02/19

    1. Thanks Li 🙂

      Ye gawds l have set myself the target to have quit by Suze’s 58th birthday in October – should be able to achieve that, but goodness it’s proving hard 🙂

  1. Quitting smoking is tough. I didn’t have trouble with the nicotine. I had trouble with the psychological repetition. Once I finally broke that, I was alright.

    1. Morning – yes the repetition is l swould have to say now the seconday problem to the desired Nic Hits. But of course in many ways it’s purely the psych barrier and once that is broken – you are plain sailing ………. technically 🙂

      1. I started at 14 because of a cute boy. Smoked on & off for 20 years. I quit, solid, for 12 years then, started back up. After some false starts, I’ve been DONE for two years.

        I was never a heavy smoker but, past the psychological part, my second problem was ‘influencers’. “You KNOW you want one…” *sigh*

        There is clearly more than one level of ‘addiction’.

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