Off The Top of your Head?


Off The Top of your Head?

Off the top of your head, what topics do you consider great when it comes to writing prompts?

Let me know below.

7 thoughts on “Off The Top of your Head?

  1. A word or phrase which can be interpreted many ways. So that all those writing about it can take different perspective on it.

  2. Agree with Sadje. Or the quote game because then I hop over to Goodreads and find cool things writers (and others) have said. Sometimes an interesting photo grabs me. My least fave are the boring personal questions (favorite color! who cares?) and the super intrusive personal questions (favorite sex position? um my kids might read this!).

  3. I find I am more and more drawn to picture prompts or interesting questions. I find it harder to think of something new based on just one word or a group of words. I might occasionally be inspired by a word prompt, but I almost always have an idea after seeing a picture prompt. I like question prompts – but sometimes I avoid questions that might be too controversial. I don’t to go upsetting people.

  4. An unusual picture makes a great prompt. I always find verbs make the best word prompts whereas nouns can be restrictive.
    My Tutor at City Lit used to do a great challenge where she would give you a list of abstract nouns and a list of objects and you had to pick one randomly from each. I ended up with the Piano of Anxiety.

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