How do l?



How do l – generate a hyperlink for a post dated post?

I’ll explain.

I am currently trying to design something in my blog that inolves me using hyperlinks.

If l backdate the post, then l can see the link – but if that post is protected – how can l see that link so that l can copy it and put it where l wish to put it? Alternatively if l post date the post still protected – how do l generate that post link for what l am doing now?

I managed to do one, but cannot even think how l did it as l cannot seeming replicate the action.

I don’t simply wish to backdate and have the post visible just yet. But when my main post is published tomorrow, l want all the protected posts to be accessible albeit closed if that makes sense?

Advice greatly received.




NB: Think l may have solved this issue.

8 thoughts on “How do l?

    1. It was doing my noggin in Sadje – now l think l have it right 🙂

      I know tomorrow if it doesn’t work.

      But l was getting myself into a right mess because l was getting confused with the links and which one to show and display in the grid.

      it was either display the link pre or post password … l am currently using the protected link – so l think that’s right 🙂

      Fingers crossed 🙂

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