Have you had your quickie fix yet?



Fancy a quickie??

Get your minds out of the gutters! What are you like?

Just need some input here for something l am working on ….

What is more popular? [Stuff]

Spiral Notebooks or Hardcover Journals?

Tote Bags or Drawstring Bags?

Studio Pouches or Laptop Sleeves?

Postcards or Greetings Cards?

Acrylic Blocks or Canvas Prints?

What is more popular? [Colour]











45 thoughts on “Have you had your quickie fix yet?

  1. I don’t know what is more “popular”..BUT, I like the following: Spiral notebooks, totes, postcards and canvas prints. have no clue what a studio pouch or sleeve is actually. and my favorite of the colours listed is purple….with yellow being a darned close second.

    1. Hey Suze, thank you for that – that really helps – purple is a really popular colour and l luuuuuuurve yellow 🙂

      As to the others – also – superb, thank you again 🙂

  2. I think Spiral Notebooks, Tote Bags, Studio Pouches, Greetings Cards,
    Acrylic Blocks and in this part of the world definitely yellow but I love green ☺️

  3. I answered these, but apparently WordPress wasn’t feeling the love. Okay (for the 2nd time)

    Hardbound journal
    Tote Bags
    I have no idea what either of those is, so neither
    Greeting Cards
    Canvas Prints

    Purple (and any variation of purple – lilac, violet, hyacinth, mauve, magenta…any purple or purple shade.

    1. Hey Melanie, great – many thanks – not sure why your answer and Belles below have only just not shown up in my comments feed a day later – but l am glad finally they have 🙂

  4. My answers are:
    Hardcover journal, Tote bag, laptop sleeve, greeting card, canvas print and colors are black, blue and purple… at least for me 😉
    Belle xo

  5. Blue…definitely
    I am not sure about the rest…
    I am more likely to choose greetings cards over postcards. I choose hardback journals over spiral notebooks.
    The other items are not on my radar 🙂

  6. spiral notebooks for me (they’re cheap), hard journal for a gift; greeting cards, personally I still prefer the old studio pouch but laptop sleeves are probably more popular; canvas prints any day, and purple which is an up and coming shade with all it’s myriad tones.

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