Which is Better?



Which is better?

WordPress Hosted Blog [ WordPress.com] or Self- Hosted WordPress Blog [WordPress.org] ?

I am currently WP Hosted, but  am pondering on whether l should be S-Hosted WP – does anyone have some pro’s and cons, benefits and non-benefits or advantages and disadvanatges with regards this question?

If you are one and have been the other or have been deliberating a similiar move can you let me know please if there is a huge benefit to changing please?

18 thoughts on “Which is Better?

  1. No idea. I just chose the plan where I pay $8 per month. It’s a premium plan. I can have. WordPress ads on it, have a choice of themes but just a couple of widgets. I don’t think there are many benefits of up-grading.

    1. Yes l also have the premium plan, l only increased to ensure l had sufficient space – especially as l use so many images – the next stage up is businessplan and that would have unlimited storage, but l am pretty good at this stage of the game with only 25% useage – so this plan is fine for the time being.

      I just think you have more control if you have SH, perhaps a visit to Renard and see if he has anything written up on it 🙂

          1. Yes do that. I am so afraid of getting things wrong that I just leave the settings on my account as they were. No theme changes, no color changes. 😅

  2. If you want to stay connected to the community, stick with WP hosted.

    Only today I saw a post by a blogger who switched from WP hosted to self-hosted and their post was about the problems it caused with regards to readership. Or at least I think that’s what the post was about… they said something about losing all their followers when they switched, and now they’re having to rebuild their readership from scratch. I didn’t bother to click for more as because they are self-hosted you can’t see the entire post in the reader.

    Most bloggers are ‘lazy’. I’m a ‘lazy’ blogger. What that means is that a blogger has X amount of time to give to blogging, a portion of that goes to writing their own posts, then another portion goes to interacting with other bloggers – answering comments on their posts, reading the posts of others and maybe commenting too. Anything which requires extra effort impinges on that time. Clicking to visit someone’s self-hosted blog requires extra effort… and there are so many other posts from other bloggers in the reader which are more easily viewed.

    OM, the very seasoned blogger I’ve mentioned before had lots to say on his blog when he decided to switch from WP hosted to self-hosted. From what I recall, self-hosting made blogging much harder, especially if you’re a blogger relying on community interaction.

    Self-hosted is great if you’re a business, a professional, or a blogger who does not need the WordPress community.

    That’s my two bits.

      1. Hey Ursula, strangely enough – your main response didn’t come through the scroller, only the second bit – reading that l discover the fuller response 🙂

        Yes l have also heard this as well, and l am a community blogger and not a business blogger. I also understand all too well the argument you put up about the time factor – this is very true as well – in fact l was reading a post Kentucky of Kentucky Angel Flies Again only this afternoon and she was referring to the new WP dashboard that no one wants and how it has become a real strain drain on her time and as time is important to her, she has even pondered on giving up WP completely!

        So time is a big thing with bloggers for many reasons – l also know Kat of Family Furore had a SHWP and struggled with follower numbers and has found WPHB much easier.

        Thanks for comments.

        PS: any view points on new dashboard?

  3. My dashboard hasn’t changed.

    It’s the very old ‘classic’ dashboard. I hated the updated dashboard from a few years ago which was supposed to replace the ‘classic’ one, but they never phased out ‘classic’ so I just use that one.

    I also hated the new editor from a few years ago, but they let users use the classic editor too, so I used classic mode until they introduced Gutenberg.

    I love the new Gutenberg editor, so if there’s a new dashboard to go with that, I’ll probably be fine with it. If I’m not fine with it, I’ll just wait until I am fine with it.

    Wp is a very good blogging platform. For now anyway 😉

  4. I’m using the new editor and it’s more than fine, friggin love it! Best editor ever!!! Suits the way my mind works.

    Just read some of your comment-chat with Sadje. Re: using images, always make sure the resolution is 72 dpi. It doesn’t need to be higher unless you’re a professional photographer or artist. It’ll save loads of space.

    1. Well in fact since l started using pixabay my space saving is huge – l mean l must have nearly 3000 images in my storage and they are very space efficient. I cannot see myself needing a business plan package – but thank you for the heads up 🙂

  5. I have no idea what this even means Rory!
    My friend set it all up for me. I don’t pay any money, neither do I make any money. I have used about *% of the image capacity in 503 posts (roughly nine months of blogging)….
    …I do have fun – but I have no idea how this works.
    I have a lot of widgets…not that I am quite sure what that means, but I can add menus to my widgets which is my way of organizing my posts.

    1. Panic not, it was just a general question, which has been resolved, l am staying with WP hosted blog 🙂

      In 17 months l have accrued 3700 posts and have only used 25% of my storage – but even that has been addressed 🙂 If anything l am now saving more space than when l first started.

  6. Everyone I know who made the switch from WP hosted to WP self-hosted have sad stories to tell. It’s either that they lost most of their followers or their blog traffic greatly depreciated. They always have a sad tale.

    One major downside of WP hosted sites is that they’re limited. There are many things you can’t do on them, many themes you can use, so many limitations. It’s tempting to switch to a self-hosted site, especially as self-hosted sites have this cool, professional look. Plus they come with many goodies that WP hosted sites can’t access. I want to upgrade to a self-hosted site very soon, but seeing as most people who have done so in the past are often filled with regrets, I’m not so sure if it’s a good idea. I’ll stick with WP hosted for the time being.

    1. Hey Obinna – thanks for stopping by the question here. Yes, l had been thinking of it, but with the responses so far and a quick cursory glance in the Net – l have since changed my mind 🙂

      WP Hosted is more me l feel.

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