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First before we continue any further – my sincere thanks to all who have followed the Blog Series Questions. There have been 35 questions in total, and today’s question is the last one. Although all 35 questions will appear in a single post and be reblogged for a couple of weeks from tomorrow, should any have missed the daily questions and may wish to address any of the topics within.

This series was started for a genuine ‘research reason’ and only a couple of bloggers which includes myself and one other know why and oh l mustn’t forget the actual  challenger. Panic not, nothing dastardly about it … let’s just say about a month or so ago l was challenged to something and well, l must say – l cannot resist a challenge! So took up the gauntlet thrown at my feet.

I will reveal more in the coming months.

However l just wanted to express my genuine thanks to all the readers who have commented or made posts concerning these questions. As said today’s questions are  the very last ones, and require a bit of deep thought and honest answering.

Many thanks, Rory

Let me know your views on the questions below in the comments section.


How Specifically Unique … are you to your blog’s personality today?

I have said before that the initial blog A Guy Called Bloke was started for a very different reason and had that original path continued this would have become a much darker blog and in truth may not have been still here as in 2019. However a couple of months after it was created, l had an epiphany and turned everything around. I stopped being darkly depressive and kicked depression out of my life and then started being me again. I had for too long been another person, trying to please and appease others and forgetting who l was and who l wanted to be. So l literally threw off the shackles that binded me and pledged to simply write my journeys down and display them to the world. Of course the blog experienced an awakening in November 2017 and l at my own concession am not unfamiliar to awakenings having experienced several during my life.

This blog isn’t an ‘extension to my personality’, like for instance my online gaming characters were – no – this blog is my personality! So the readership reads the good, bad and downright fugly at times about who l am? My readers journey with me.

Principally l write for myself and l get a real buzz out of archiving my exploits – they are here for me to constantly look back upon of moments in time in my life. But also, l do write for a wider audience – my readership – yes, the folks reading this now.

80% of what l decide to blog about is principally for me personally and my readers also are privy to that, but the remaining 20% is very specifically geared towards the readership themselves – be this in the way of prompts, challenges and the games. I love those as well, but l did not need to include those in my blog – not at all – l do and did so deliberately to further encourage engagement and interaction from my audience. Now, l am not alone in that – l am surrounded by like minded souls who perform the same tasks in the form of the already mentioned term – prompts or just asking questions at the end of each post – the basic core to blogging.

So from last year l decided to very specifically display another side of my mind and that was the stimulation side – the side that requires more than just reading, but interaction.

So, the question l have posed ‘am l specifically unique to my blogs personality today?’ Well yes l am, because l am now having fun as well as deliberately encouraging responses from my readership to further engage and interact with me. But l didn’t start out like this as l have explained, l changed and in so doing the change incorporated reflections of my audience – meaning l write with intention to illicit more response or if you wish, l write for an audience using entertainment as my draw.

Whilst l am NOT specifically a huge party animal or a social beast – l enjoy retelling stories and entertaining others as well as involving myself with words and quizzes. So my audience influences 20% of my blog without a shadow of a doubt.

Now how influenced are you by your readership? Also how does that affect your decision making with regards your personality within your blog?

Has your blog evolved to accomodate the desires of your readership in any way? To the point that it detracts you from your initial creative path? Do you write things only for your audience that you normally wouldn’t write?

Have you found that maybe your audience has expectations of your style and personality and perhaps they have stereotyped or pigeon holed you at all into one genre?

When we first begin our blogs we travel down the unwary paths of uncertainty with regards our market audience. I have found that there are five phases – l might be off base, but this is my personal opinion and observation ..

We acquire followers, then an audience, then a wider audience with a readership, then a devout readership, then we further acquire favourites and finally from all of the aforementioned we develop online virtual friendships from within our audience. So it might stand to reason that as we traverse this path we become influenced by our readerships and friendships, and we find we don’t wish to upset certain people by continuing with some things, or leave them out or cause them to stop following us.

So at that point, do you think that you might become even more influenced by the ‘red blog tape’ syndrome? Where upon, you don’t wish to cause too much upheaval, and perhaps plans you had initally might be on hold. Do you think at that point you might not follow original blog ideas? So, would then a readership influence you away from being you, so you become more … them?

I had a conversation with someone about award nominations a few weeks back and they said they had lost confidence in nominating people, because they didn’t wish to upset any of their favourites and that they felt obligated to not always comply with the actual award criteria, but to only nominate their friends. When l further suggested that it shouldn’t be an issue because of the criteria of the award itself and that NOT everyone might be applicable – they just downclined and refused to comment further by saying that the social standing was more important than the process of nominating.

So does this mean therefore that bloggers become entrapped in this red blog tape or what is socially acceptable in given circles or niches? If that is the case, then are we all as writers and independent thinkers programmed purely to rely upon the influences of our readership?

What do you think?

Let me knows your views and opinions of all the posed questions in the comments section below.


16 thoughts on “How Specifically Unique …

  1. Another set of questions which , to my mind can’t be answered in the comments section with yes or no. So I will tackle it a bit later with a post. What is the original intent of these questions is still a mystery to me. Hope you enlighten us soon.

    1. As to the reason, that will be some time in the future before that is revealed – however as a series it is perfect in a stand alone feature so that is fine 🙂

  2. My blog is me. 100%. So I’d say it’s unique because I am. I don’t even really plan out what I write. I might think about the topic but I just type whatever comes out of my brain. I type/write the way I talk. If I edit, it’s typos or autocorrect messing with me.

    I don’t cater to my readership. They can follow & read or they can unfollow. That said, I have amazing followers. Truly awesome! I have around 200, very small & most of those aren’t active followers. It’s fine with me because having a huge following was never a goal.

  3. I’m pretty selfish online in ways I can’t be in meatspace. My blog has always been all about me and for me, though it has evolved. When I began this current public one, I was venting in subtle ways about my then-current romance. I didn’t care if I had any readers and mostly I did not. Later the posts morphed into literary criticism and rants about dating and life in general. Lots of those have been deleted. Then I wrote a book and decided it would be good to pick up more readers etc. So, I’ve been doing that since and more intensely in the past couple years. I’ve decided to host a prompt, not only to be altruistic, but also to get more followers. I have another book coming soon plus intend to ramp up marketing efforts at some point.

  4. I started it to bring awareness to bladder cancer, which is rarely talked about and certainly not a social subject to discuss the complexities if the results. But as a newly diagnosed person, you need to know what they don’t show you in happy videos which are totally ridiculous and not honest at all. I wanted to fill that void. I only received ne question since 2016.

    Disappointing for sure, but I liked the people who did respond to my writing. It was a great boost and much needed. I can’t believe how much my blog has grown and awards received helped lift my confidence. I write now about anything that strikes me. I love exploring different firms of poetry, and am a slow learner at it : ). I enjoy the people I’ve met here and love to see their comments, as we all do. About twice a year I bring up the whole cancer stuff again. I feel an obligation to “put the word out”.

    All in all, I’m not at all what I started or envisioned to be. And that is growth, which is always a good thing.

    I don’t feel trapped at all. When I do, it will be time to quit.

    1. This is a great answer – seriously not just for the confidence that has inspired you to create the blog but also in so far as the growing confidence that has allowed you to further evolve and get the courage and enthusiasm to continue writing, experiementing and exploring more of you.

      Thank you for this 🙂

  5. I will say, I write from the heart. At the same time, my readers are the absolute bees knees. They don’t like something or they don’t agree, they don’t hold back. It’s honestly an awesome relationship, I couldn’t ask for a more candid audience.

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