Accidental Entry 1991



Accidental Entry 1991

It was never my direct intention to work as an Escort in London, it just sort of happened, l did literally sort of slip into it or rather down into it. In 1991, l was working in London but living in Kent. In Kent l was in a relationship that was sadly going nowhere. Well true and not true – if l had stayed in Kent the relationship would have continued, but the travel was crippling financially and quality of life was poor due to the hours l was working. My partner at the time didn’t want to move away from her family with her children [she was a divorcee] and l didn’t wish to stop in Kent, so we had a problem. The only way out was for us to split, which we both did and l moved to London.

In 1991, l was headhunted out of River Island to work for another company called High & Mighty and recruited with the sole purpose of designing and creating, developing and training in a new Retail package which was aimed at everyone – staff, managers and the CEO’s themselves.  When l left Kent in late 91 l moved into an appartment above a pub off Edgeware road in London. I was literally perhaps five or six minutes from work, in truth l think that was probably the closest residence l have ever had with regards working close by , like ever. It was also available because one of the staff from the store itself, well his Mother ran the pub, so it was very convenient.

But it meant that l could work really late, which l took completely full advantage of. It was a very busy time for me professionally and emotionally as well as personally. I had split up, and realised that l was not particularly upset by it, but also during the years of 1988 – 1993 l was on a kind of a bender, perhaps a real exploration or awakening to who l was. I was taking more risks with my life, l lived very close to the edge of the credo, ‘Life is too short to be hesitant’. This came around, due to the life changing events of 1987 and l should imagine it also included quite a bit of grief at the losses incurred then.

During those years l had my eyes opened VERY VERY widely indeed, and l allowed it to happen, because l had grown tired of being Mr Nice Quiet Guy – l needed adventure, l needed temptation and desires fulfilled, l needed excitement and stimulation, lots of stimulation. So l was always busy, and l partied hard and l learned a lot about life and people and the people in life and especially in certain areas. Those nearly six years l lived promiscuously and loved every moment.


The appartment was awesome, l had half of the entire top floor of the pub itself, there were four appartments and l had a corner one and l was allowed to decorate it any way l chose which l did and opted for a very typical Japanese bachelor pad, l even had a giant silk blossom tree in the room, and a crazy futon! I went to town designing my pad because l intended to use it well!

In the first three months of my new well paid job, l designed a very comprehensive training manual. It was a superb piece of work, but it had a flaw … it meant that current operations within the business would have to change and many people, simply don’t like change. Over the years l have noticed that large family run businesses especially do not like  change at all. So l was hitting brick walls many of the time. I was young, energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about what l did.

I had an administrative assistant who was stunning, and l fell for her, and we hid our relationship from everyone, it was the best thing to do. The relationship itself fed into many of my desires, and as it happened my partner’s Father also happened to be a teacher of tantric sex –  and his daughter was fluent in that skill, and l learned a lot. So much, so very much and l was an enthusiastic and fast learner and embraced everything with …yeah you got it, passion!

However things change, life has a way of throwing a curve ball at you at times – and that occured, well two things did. The company l was employed by were too frightened to progress their environments and upset their staff, and also, myself and my ‘assistant’ had been spotted one night in a club.


So l was fired … although they all prettied it up, and so l was made redundant and received a very healthy payoff, to not discuss any of the operational status of the company itself to any competitors. Now there are a lot of reasons for this and not just the obvious … the real truth is that the CEO herself fancied me and l turned her down on the premise that l couldn’t date a director – it would not be right. That is the truth. I believe that is why l was fired, scrap that … made redundant.

It got even messier, as the spiteful CEO then moved my partner to their head office in Hungerford and l was told to stop seeing her?? Which was relatively insulting, but they said that if l didn’t she too would lose her job, and she then said that maybe it was best that we split. Oh well, shit happens, it was an absolutely cracking four month tryst.

However l was unemployed, and l had a very detailed brief with my redundancy to NOT touch base with any of the London stores for a year. Sure why not, they had paid me very handsomely, l could afford to live the life of Riley for a while and not work. So l enjoyed myself.

But the problem is that l was getting bored doing nothing, and so l stayed out most nights and explored London, and saw and experienced some great sights, but after a few weeks of raving, partying, dinners and so on that gets pretty damn boring too! I needed something to occupy my mind and my time, and that provided fun.

In one of the appartments below me, there was a guy, a really handsome dude, who was always expensively attired and seemingly always had a different girl every night, and l was real curious about him, because l knew he had a regular lady friend as well, who l knew as Lizbeth. We had passed each other on the stairs a few times and she was always very pleasant and richly expensive, but she was nice to talk to. On one occasion about two weeks after my redundancy, she stopped me on the stairs and asked was l working? I answered no, and she asked me if l would like to, but wouldn’t say what the work was, just that Don [the handsome dude]  worked for her, and if l was interested, then visit the little office around the corner behind the pub, down the stairs, and that the best time was around 11pm.

It was all very cryptic, but l figured why not, what is there to lose?


Later that night l was super curious and so l left the appartment walked down the stairs, out of the pub, turned right and was starting to look for this ‘little office’, not really knowing what the score was, but l had a tickling sensation at the base of my neck, that said that this might be a little …. naughty!

Funnily enough, l was up for a little bit of naughty!

There was some music ahead, and a deep flight of concrete steps leading down to the music itself, there was a very small and sedate delightful neon light that simply read “Open”. I figured this must be the place, but it was pretty non-descript and l wasn’t totally sure, until the door opened and Don walked outside with this stunningly attractive woman and before the door had shut she had lunged at him in a very amorous manner, and l was at that point, one foot off the top step and in the downward motion towards the second step, when l froze and l tried to turn around and fell, headlong down the steps and landed in a heap inbetween the feet of Don and his romantic ladyfriend!

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, sorry, sorry, my bad … erm sorry!” Was all l could splutter.

Don picked me up smiling and laughing, “You here for the interview Rory?”


“Yeah, with Lizbeth – walk right in mate – she is just inside.” With that he pushed open the door and gently pushed me and closed the door behind me!

My first impression was …………. “Oh my God, this is awesome!!”


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