V4L 2019 Challenge 24 – I’ll Take That Challenge!

V4L 2019 Challenge 24 – I’ll Take That Challenge!

Carol Anne in her response to the V4L 2019 Challenge 24 threw the gauntlet of challenge down with the following questions – so l will take up that task!

1 What is your favourite love quote?

β€œYou know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Dr. Seuss

2 Have you ever sexted?

Yep, l most assuredly have and it’s good fun, as long as it is between consenting adults – and if needed there are stop words – l think all forms of sexual stimulation and arousal are a good thing.

3 Does phone sex do it for you?

Well of course, if you are sexting, then following up with phone sex is a sure fire way to additional spicing everything up! Phone sex is a great way for long distance relationships to work – people have sexting and phone sex all wrong in their minds of what it really is.

They say oh right so it’s just ‘dirty talk!’ Yeah there is that, but folks tend to forget that our brains are one of the biggest organs in our body and when you engage in sexting and phone sex, you are stimulating the brain first and foremost. The other thing is because you are fuelling someone else’s brain, there is an art to seducing over the phone, l am not talking about hitting it like a 70’s porn star but l do mean that you can have a distinct voice.

Long ago, l worked for a few weeks in a sex line service, there is a lot to be said for phone sex and arousing your caller. Like noise, whilst you might be quiet normally, on the phone, noise is an essential to getting your partner or caller off! So does phone sex do it for me?

Yep! because my imagination goes into overdrive!

4 Chocolates or roses on valentines day?

Neither really just as they are but – how about rose petals on the bed and covering your partner in chocolate? Yeah, that’ll do it!

5 A romantic meal out or a romantic night in?

Both work, l would further suggest a saucy night out that just happens to have some food involved.


Thanks Carol Anne for the questions.

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