How Much Time …


How Much Time … do you spend in your blog?

Tomorrow’s question is the last question to this series.

We have discussed this before – how we all look to achieve a certain amount of balance, between writing, commenting and liking others posts – but closer to home, how much time do you dedicate to your blog, as in day in day out and so on?

As this is my hobby and l am in a position where upon l can spend a lot of time with it, l suppose really it is best to call this a passion. I am passionate about writing and l maintain a blog, so l guess l am also passionate about blogging.

I spend a lot of time in here in truth and when l am not writing and as such posting, l am deep in the vaults to my blog, mining away and tweaking things to make it easier for me. So l guess if l am really truly honest, l spend too much time in the blog. But how much time is too much time? Ten hours l would say, a day.

In many respects l am very, very lucky – Asperger’s may have quite a few faults, but equally it awards me gifts, and one of those is l have a real keeness for repetitive behaviour, meaning to the layman, that it can take a very, very long time for me to get bored with something. Also, my methodicalness means that l have to continually tweak things to make sure they are right for me. It’s not a quest for perfection, but it is for working towards an excellence – we can’t be perfect none of us – but we can strive to improve our skill set. I like to get things right, and this in turn ensures my functionality and efficiency is working prime optimum all the time – so the hours l dedicate now in blog, will make life easier and less time consuming in the future of the blog itself.

But how about you?

How Much Time … do you spend in your blog?

Let me know below.

Thanks Rory

13 thoughts on “How Much Time …

  1. I spend a couple hours reading and commenting in the morning after the blessed little yellow school bus leaves. Then an hour or so in the evening after Mr Bootyhead..err, I mean King Ben, goes to sleep…more reading and occasionally posting.
    Weekends I try to make time to read, doesn’t always work out.
    So…3-5 hours a day, 5days a week

  2. Too much time! Sometimes half a day is devoted to blogging. I am trying to cut down and now I just need a quiet hour or so to write my posts. But reading is another matter.

  3. I spend a few hours doing blog stuff each day from writing down post ideas, taking photos for posts and actually writing posts, then a few hours reading blogs I follow and working on social media stuff that is blog related and working on my blog schedule and other admin stuff 🙂 xxx

      1. No worries! 🙂 Mostly, today I have spent time catching up on the “reader” as I was busy thursay and friday and didn’t read any blogs then! xxx

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