4 Paws Diary – Ep 31


Episode 31

4 Paws Diary

14th February 2019

Every Family Has One!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quickie!

So according to Dad, Mummy reputedly said NO to Valentines Cards this year … well not entirely true, l remember them discussing it and Dad asked Mummy if they were doing cards this year and Mummy said that they weren’t really necessary. Mummy has already said no to all the other squishy things on the grounds that flowers die, chocolate melts and neither of them including me should eat it and none of us could afford to do anything special, so no to cards.

Well even then l saw that strange naughty twinkle in Dad’s eye, l have seen it before, but it soon died down and then he moved on from the subject of Valentine’s Day. But l wasn’t happy, no one asked me if l didn’t want to exchange cards!!? Which it just so happened l did. So on Tuesday just gone l pushed Dad quite a bit and said we NEED to get Mummy a card and more importantly l wanted to get Mummy a card too!

I mean Mummy does lots of special things for me, no, no, no don’t get me wrong, so does Dad, but Mummy is my really special mate and Dad, well he’s just Dad!


So l kept on at Dad about getting cards from us both, and pushed and pushed, and pushed and pushed and well you get the idea and finally on Tuesday afternoon he finally caved in! It didn’t really take a lot actually , because Dad is like a closet Romantik anyway and he said that Mummy wasn’t really into Valentine’s Day that much anymore since the Meanopaws stepped on board, whatever that is. But he also said that one day, Mummy would like it again. So we could surprise her with our cards!

So we sat down at the kompootah and looked at Thortful which is a really great place for all sorts of cards and we picked them out. I got mine which you can see above and Dad, well he said his was funny and Mummy when she saw it simply said “Oh trust you to find a card that is completely and utterly you right down to the ground.” But she was laughing. She loved both of our cards lots and lots.

But l am still a little bit confused, as much today as l was Tuesday about Dad’s card to Mummy. I mean it’s not Mummy’s fault that Dad’s arm is stiff in the mornings is it?

Anyway, as to other stuff, not a lot going on of late, l take little walks every day, Mummy is working and Dad is always too stiff to do long walks as he says it just hangs down and makes things difficult for him, and well l daren’t ask really, you know???


Catch you all later.

Tootlepip from Doodlepip!

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