The End Game?


What is your End Game?

In the future … where do you hope your blog will take you?

‘Can l help you?”

In the mid to later 80’s this question was regarded as a dead question, it was too closed. Retail Trainers like myself would suggest to trainees to NOT mention that question, to open it up – like ‘How can l help you?’  which is friendlier, it also means you cannot specifically simply answer with ‘yes or no‘, unless you are a complete ignoramus you are going to answer with something that allows more information to follow.

However, the truth is closer, it doesn’t really matter about the way you fiddle with a question if ultimately it means the same thing. It’s a bit like the groaner of ‘Why did you start a blog?’ After a while people get tired of answering the question, because it is over used and almost abused.

But, the question still remains … why did you start a blog?

None of us specifically ‘needed’ to start a blog did we? We could have committed our writing and ideas to a journal, a diary, our computers and a host of other non public formats. Instead we chose to open our minds and soul up to the world and invite them in to observe, study and meander amongst the whirrings of our brain.

There are many reasons for starting your own blog – but three that leap out significantly are … to be seen and to be heard by others as well as to teach ourselves perhaps a discipline? We mustn’t forget that the other reasons are to see if we are good enough with our imaginations, creativities and inventiveness and if they are able to be recognised as talents? Because with those talents can we not further improve who we are and what we can achieve?

At the start of this series l asked if we could procure an income via our blogs that didn’t mean we sell our souls to the advertising demons?

Everyday l see writers and bloggers alike, that change the way their blogs are presented to their audiences. I see others that have very driven strategies and tactics applied to induce more traffic and higher readerships to their content. There are thousands of blogs out there that can help the enthusiastic and passionate achieve higher targets in their quests of more impactive SEO, readership figures and incomes through their content.

We would all love to be able to produce an income through our blogs and our writing – l mean that’s not a dirty word, it’s a dream, but is it achieveble ? A question each of must ask ourselves at least once a month and more so to those who would like to enhance their lives further by being able to write for money and or success if not both.

Money after all makes the world go around – we all need it, each and every day we need money to survive and live. So there is nothing wrong in the thoughts and thinking of ‘If l am able to produce an income with what l do in my blog, that’s got to be a good thing – right?’

This then brings us back to the question of why did you start a blog?  What was your end game?

End game is a term that many gamers are familiar with – it basically means – the final stages of something.  I am more familiar with its use in online gaming – the end cycle of an expansion. It doesn’t necessarily mean the final crunch, it just means the ending of that particular moment. Then a new phase starts as in a new game expansion is purchased and you battle through that towards the end ‘raid’ or something. Nothing really ever ends, it just means you are upping your game, your skill and talent set to be better established for the new expansion.

Well that can also be applied into the likes of blogging we are all very similiar to gamers, we each have a strategy for success – irrelevant to the size of our blogs and the start up plan – there is a long term reason for continuing and not simply falling by the wayside. It doesn’t always have to be about producing an income, having and running a blog can serve many purposes – social interaction is one of the prime motivators – so perhaps the end game is to achieve a much wider circle of friends and or companionship?

Do l have an end game? Of course l do, l have several – but l don’t specifically have a direction to channel my end game energies into just yet. So l am still looking for that.

There is an ‘end game’ to this series as an example which l shall discuss with you all in the next couple of months. Do l have an end game for my actual blog? Well, l am not hyperfocused on writing for an income just yet, because l am all over the place. I don’t have a set direction for my writing, and whilst many have said they enjoy my writing and my poetry and l should write a book, l have no immediate plans for that just yet. I also don’t have the confidence for that.

I do intend to do a couple of things this year, l want to start writing Scrappy’s autobiography and see if that could be offered up for publishing. I also will be reintroducing my designs into my blog, as a shop link page to Redbubble, hence the post of ‘Fancy a quickie?’ So l am researching that.

I wanted to become better known as a blogger before l reintroduced those designs, because the first time l had them present, no one knew me, they had no reason to trust me or my designs -and they didn’t know the story behind them.

So is my end game to become popular?

No, the designs are purely a set aside project – l spent a lot of money on having those designs created in the first place, it would be nice to trial them once again and see if they have any potential in a market. If l was able to produce a few pennies via my blog – well that’s not shameful is it?

Is the end game to become a successful published author – again not at all. I don’t have any plans for that. It would ne nice if l could have something published and people wanted to buy into the story – but it’ll never make me a millionaire. But l publish content every day in my blog – so in theory l am a published author as is, as indeed we all are.

I am not sure what my end game truly is. I thoroughly enjoy the blogging experience, the engagements, the interactions with my readership, because it’s fun. i think currently my direction is to simply become – and as corny as this may read , better at being me.

So questions for you ..

If you have one what is your End Game?

In the future … where do you hope your blog will take you?

What do you want ultimately from your blog?


Let me know your views in the comments section below.

Thanks Rory

7 thoughts on “The End Game?

  1. No end game in sight. Enjoying the journey. Initially I thought that I could make money from my blog, but having earned $8 from my blog in last 4 months, I have given up hope of doing that. So just enjoying my journey!

  2. I don’t think I have an end game for my blog either; it’s the process that I enjoy. If I make a few pennies here and there that’s great, but it’s not necessary. I think if my purpose become to generate an income, it would make me enjoy the process a lot less.

  3. I can’t future plan to any extent, so the only end game is whatever happens naturally.
    Would love to have an acceptable income from writing but it’s more important that people read and connect with my work.

  4. “In the future … where do you hope your blog will take you?”

    Truth be told, I don’t really think much about where I want to take my blog. It’s just a one day at a time kind of thing.

    “What do you want ultimately from your blog?”

    Pretty much the same thing I want from it now: a platform to write about whatever comes to mind and to vent my creativity and imagination.

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