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Tell The Story –

My thanks to Beckie of Beckie’s Mental Mess for her tagging me to follow up in this challenge of “Tell the Story’ which was created by The Eclectic Contrarian .

Above is her image for Tell The story.

“I SwO told you to nwot upswet whim!” Eric chided Tom.

“Oh do swhut up Ewic!” Tom tried to shout back, but admittedly struggled.

“I bwame the pwair of woo!” Harold also struggled to say to both Tom and Eric.

In the unmuffled distance the gardener could be heard chortling out aloud! “That’ll teach you lads, if l have told you once l have told you a hundred times – to NOT cycle over me lawns during seeding time, otherwise there will be consequences!”

The End!

I am going to challenge the following … to this image!


Angie of King Ben’s Grandma

Paula of Light Motifs II

Li of Tao Talk

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