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I know,  what is wrong with him? What on earth is that title supposed to even mean? What the fucketty doodle duck is Jubblywubblybubblies? That’s fair! I’ll tell you.


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I am on my third day of no smoking tobacco. I have this thing l bought [see above] and it’s well, it’s different. I went cold turkey. Suze thinks l am nuts, but she thinks that anyway, so how can you tell the difference l say??

But l did, l went from a nicotine intake addiction to a non intake and 0mg Mango Smoothie liquid! – as in it’s has no trace of nicotine to it! It’s pure mango something or the other!

I am ok, l have a few shakes and that is the withdrawl aspect of going from tobacco to no tobacco and l am a bit ricketty around the edges – it may have been too big a swoop, but l am determined to give up smoking and have made that decision to do it this way! So l must now take the good, the bad and the fugly of that decision!!!

I don’t yet have an opinion of the vaping  unit l bought apart from it seems to be okay and no leaking, so that’s a good thing. I don’t expect to be using it for months on end, so it matters not how it functions in say December, when l am only in February – it needs to get me through this initial patch of dedicated madness!

But, it’s gooooood!

Oh yes, sorry my bad … what is this?? Jubblywubblybubblies! That’s my mind at present! Otherwise known as the sniffles and shakes!

Dear Blog ……

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