V4L Challenge 18

V4L Ch 18 – There be way every one of us can say things without actually expressing the emotion itself – read on for pussy tales!

Light Motifs II

[Guest post by Gatsby]

I’m a cat 🐱, so I don’t talk. Not saying I can’t. I simply prefer not to. I do what I want! Have I mentioned that I’m a cat? 🐱

Here are 7 ways I might let she who feeds me know that I love her, without using the words β€œI love you,” if I feel like it. 🐱

1. Time. When feedlady is busy on her laptop writing some dumb story, I step on the keyboard so she knows I’m thinking about her. πŸ’•

2. Attention. If feedlady is talking on the phone to one of her daughters, I meow loudly to remind her I’m part of the family too. πŸ’•

3. Snacks. I sometimes bring a food from the kitchen into the living room in case feedlady would like a crunchy while she’s watching Game of Thrones. πŸ’•

4. Affection

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