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What has been the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

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Have you experienced any hiccups, any obstacles during the course of your journey through your blogging or your writing?

One of my biggest challenges was in fact before creating my blog. I didn’t have an outlet for my writing that made an impact of significance and let’s be honest, l think what many of us might like to achieve is that – making an impact somewhere, next to achieving balance, and whilst not looking for perfection as such we are always looking to achieve the best form of excellence in what we do. Otherwise we would not be continually honing our skill sets during our travels  – we always strive to improve.

The blog l run and maintain today is a far far cry from the blog that started in September 2017. That blog has long gone, l was in a deep depression, and although l had been in that depression since March 2017, l didn’t know that in the next two months – November 2017, it would be gone and l would be the person l am now. So my blog upon creation was darker.

Once l cleared the brain fog of depression, l ousted myself and favoured a more positive approach to my writing. I don’t grade myself as a brilliant writer, never have, l just like writing, some of it is good, others not so, some is brillaint, most is not. I am creative to a degree and l use that term very loosely, because l favour imaginative and inventive more than the artsy creative. But the one thing l am, is optimistic, sure at times it can take a blow, but in the main, l do try and keep myself motivated.

The blog was one of the biggest impacts l had made to my life for a very long time, it allowed me to display my thinkings and writings to not just an audience, but more importantly – me. I therefore self-motivate more than become motivated by others. That’s not saying that l do not get a kick or become inspired by others here, l do. But as we all know, first and foremost we write for ourselves. That motivates me to motivate myself more, and in so doing, l hope l can then entertain, motivate and inspire others and that makes for an impact.

I am not a vain person, but l do enjoy the fact that l am making a contribution albeit perhaps in a small way to others. That l can combine my life experiences and inventiveness and this in turn pleases others to a degree that they wish to interact with not just me personally, but my blog. That perhaps in some way if not the way, when they leave here they feel good, or they have shared a laugh, or become inspired or motivated or even prompted to perform another action that in turn creates the same wave for others to them.

Blogging to me, apart from the learning curve of working within a dashboard, actually came quite easily. More so, once my confidence boosted back into play and then my active mind sprung back into action. But the beauty of blogging here is the community, because we interact and engage with each other and in so doing, we all bounce off each other and create mini impacts everywhere – got to love that!

But the question is about challenges isn’t it – what have l faced?

Well nothing major … not really.

Perhaps the biggest one that took some time to identify, was my niche and in all honesty l am not that sure if l still know truly what it is … it’s a bit of everything, but l suppose .. it’s entertainment. I love telling stories,  so that makes me a story teller … my stories are fact, and my inclusion of fiction is very small, but ultimately l am still a story teller. I have a passion for music and film, so they are never far from me. I do have Asperger’s, so l have a small inclusion to my blog with that, but whilst l don’t only write on spectrum orientation, everything l do is written by a man with Asperger’s.

I love to be able to display everything that my mind is going through or alternatively if you wish, everything that is going through my mind. I love challenges and quizzes, so that is ever present. I get a big kick out of seeing people smile and share a laugh with me, because l love humour. I adore the human interaction thing, the resonation and relatability side to writing and blogging, and that too makes up for my niche.

I have become hellishly prolific in my consistency to insert content, and l know this must upset a few people, in fact l do know. But that’s who l am, it’s part and parcel of me and of course my niche.

But that’s me, how about you … what have been some of your challenges during your writing and blogging?

Let me know in the comments section below.

Thanks, Rory

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  1. Your blog works on so many levels. Depression shapes so many of us. Like yours mine started in the same place but was so in a different mindset. I think my biggest blogging challenge was trying to find the courage to write stuff so called funny stuff. Surely I should only write depressive sad words….

    1. Afternoon my friend – what is they say , rises from the ashes. Like the phoenix, is this not we are both doing and have done? Where does it say that during grief we have to always be sad? I have been through something very similiar to your loss, many, many years ago, that broke mde in half literally. The only thing that got me through, wasn’t people, it was writing and laughing – we need to write what we have to write to keep our sanity in one piece however that arises, it ‘s what we do with it that matters 🙂

  2. For me it’s about what I can do! It is still a surprise that I write all that I do, or that I sometimes post around 6-7 times a day! Unbelievable for me. I am making myself do the challenges that I shied away from before. You are giving us a lot of enjoyment with your creative challenges. Your versatility has inspired me to try to venture into new territory too.

      1. Exactly. As they say ( I still don’t know who “they” are) that you don’t know till you try and now I know that I can! Not very well, but I can.

  3. I suppose for me the biggest challenge has been when I’ve slipped into a numbers game mindset. Normally it’s not something I think about, but every once in a while it will pop up and bite me.

    1. Hey Ashley – when you say slipped – so it wasn’t a deliberate intention to count numbers, but what made you look at them, and principally why, if numbers before hand wasn’t a worry?

      1. It tends to be set off by noticing other people’s numbers and then comparing mine to theirs. Numbers isn’t why I blog, but sometimes I get distracted from my purpose, especially during times when I’m not feeling great about myself in general.

  4. I’ve had two. One was when I had another behind the scenes mailing list type blog and removed someone’s name from it, or so I thought. Then I proceeded to write about an unpleasant experience that involved him. He received the post in email and flipped out. Thanks WP! I still don’t understand how that happened. 😡

    The second was somewhat similar. I wrote about a shitty roommate (did not name her), and little did I know she’d been reading along. She also flipped out. Cried and yelled at me. I deleted the post. Since then, I’ve been much more careful about mentioning other people in any way, which is why I hardly ever tell stories about myself. It’s annoying, but you never know who is reading.

  5. Mine is a continuing challenge: finding balance between being Fandango, who resides in the blogosphere and being the flesh and blood me, who resides in the real world. It’s almost like having a split personality, a Jekyll and Hyde kinda struggle, except it’s sometimes hard to tell which persona is Dr. Jekyll and which is Mr. Hyde.

  6. Great question, Rory 🙂 and wonderful personal answer from you too!

    I love that you’re doing that with this series, sharing yourself the way that you are. Telling your story of blogging straight up and out.

    One of my biggest blogging challenging moments is when a couple of my posts began to get a lot of attention and continued to get increasing attention. I hadn’t factored that possibility in to my blogging and wasn’t prepared for it, so I went a bit off the rails for a while. I pulled myself back from a tricky edge – I could have been a contender, I decided not to be.

    Those posts still get shared regularly, not as much as before but they keep my stats buzzing, on forums and other social media. I followed a referral link just this morning to reddit. It’s nice to read good reviews, and to find that your post has helped people figure out their life puzzles a bit.

    One of my popular posts was plagiarised by someone on Linkedin. And someone else wrote a book using much of what I’ve written in my posts without giving credit to anyone but themselves, but my copyright allows for that so it’s their problem not mine. That person borrowed heavily from other bloggers too. And they push their book every day on their WP blog – which I used to follow until recently just to remind myself of the shit people get up to and think they’ve gotten away with, which they sort of have but… was it worth it?

    Bloggers, especially new ones, dream of getting loads of attention for their writing and blog… it’s great when it happens, but it can be challenging in unexpected ways.

    1. Hey Ursula,

      Thank you.

      Funny enough l had a conversation only yesterday with a friend of mine on today’s 2 part questions. We felt that that this style of topic was interesting to explore further and l must admit and have told her so that l agree with her. I split the question into two posts, because although they are similiar, they had to be seen as apart for literally the greater impact.

      You are right, new bloggers especially like to receive lots of likes and attention to their writing, l guess that’s how many roll. But it does come at a cost, it’s not seen at the time, but it’s there lurking.

      Yes l remember reading about the situation you are referring to. That’s really awful, l can’t abide that in anyone, taking credit for something that is not their’s to do so. I know many years ago when l used to write on forums and a lot of my posts were hyper linked all over the place, and made reference to and the such like, that it can be a bit overwhelming, and unexpected.

      I prefer to build up slower, learning all the way, and then when ‘fame’ if that is the right word strikes l am more prepared for it.

      As always, thank you for stopping by with your answers and input both are highly prized and received with grattitude 🙂

  7. I think the most difficult obstacle to overcome is when I fell into such a deep depression that just thinking of writing was a chore. The more guilty I felt about not writing, the worse the depression became.
    So overjoyed I am, that that finally passed.

  8. My only challenge is time. My priorities are Ben and my girls and me. (Yeah, that order… sometimes me first when necessary)
    I like the community and reading other blogs and commenting so I don’t write as often as I’d like to. Priorities.

    I look at my numbers very rarely. I don’t care. Obviously, I enjoy feedback when I DO post. No one wants to think their stuff isn’t being read. I’m always a little surprised when I get new followers because I don’t seek them out.

    So, in answer to your question…making time to write is my challenge.

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