No Way~! So Way~!

Guide Mi guides us through the ins and outs of so way and no way 🙂


Stumbled upon this post from A Guy Called Bloke. Thought it may be interesting to answer the questions from the posts, so here we go :

Worn my night time bed wear out to the shops

So Way~! I always love to wear pjamas at home~ so when it comes to having dinner on a neighborhood food court or mall, or maybe buying some supplies in the nearby supermarkets, I’ll just go with my pjamas on. My mom always scolded me for this though. =D

Blamed my farting on another

So way~! Especially when I’m in an elevator. Lucky that my one is always a silent one, so when the smells came out, I’ll pretend to twitch my eyebrow and look for my surrounding pretend to find who is farting inside the elevator.

Laughed at something that whoops wasn’t a joke

No way~!

Cheated at Monopoly

So way~! I’ve…

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