It’s A Brand New Day!



It’s A Brand New Day!

Top of the morning to you all!

Here’s wishing you all a totally awesome day – have a truly fantastic day folks, wherever you are and whatever you plan to do today – have a great day!

Rory and Doodlepip


Quote of the Morning

Dream it. Wish it. Do it.



Music to Start Your Day!

Time for some tunes and beats from the 50’s

Music to start the day with!

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This Week – 15th February 2019

“Oh Prompt Me Do”

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12 thoughts on “It’s A Brand New Day!

  1. Good-Morning to you Rory! My midnight here.
    Snow sliding off the roof has me up.
    I love the photo choice! (Beauty at its best)A few years back, I was in the first stage of putting a photography book together. I use to share my photography on photographer Robert Farber’s web site. There was a photographer who shared only butterfly shots, like the one you have posted. He went by “55555”. His work was gorgeous! I felt his work would be awesome hanging in children’s wards in many hospitals. Thanks for a wonderful flash back, and sharing your upmost amazing talents and mind with everyone! I appreciate your truth! Happy day to you always!🙂…and thank you for being so kind to me!

      1. Hi Rory! I would like to wish You and Suze a beautiful Valentines Day coming! And thank you, the sun is actually shining today. It has been chilly, but I will not complain. There are dear homeless people sleeping in tents in the snow up here! You make other people smile Rory! Bless your heart!

        1. Morning Myth – thank you –
          Same blessings in return to your greeting Myth, it takes a good heart to know one, always remember that 🙂

          I saw people in Dover here in Kent criticising homeless people, and l think ‘Yeah, because everyone does it deliberately, yeah sure, why don’t you put yourselves in their shoes? You may come to realise that NOT everyone does it deliberately and it’s not a choice’ We have big huge problems with homeless people in UK, it’s not a good thing at all Some people never think, but it’s a real reminder to what we do have .

          1. Beautifully spoken Rory! I work close with the homeless. My heart loves them! They are us! People with Many different stories! So many with family who didn’t have enough love within to care more. Therefore, Dropping the ball of wellness for others! Not all homeless people have addictions…but drugs and alcohol Do become a potential pacifier to cope with the long term effects when trying to hold on to some kind of balance to mind, body, and spirit! You are Awesome my friend!!

  2. Good morning Rory! ( although I am not sure if it is still morning for you) I hope you have a beautiful day and thank you so much for linking my blog. 🙂

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