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How … competitive are you?

A simple question for this Sunday  … l mean afterall – it’s Sunday, supposedly Funday!

When younger, and by this l mean perhaps in my twenties to thirties l was very competitive, not in an aggressive way, but more along the lines of ambitious and what could l personally achieve for me? Could l actually get that job, would l do well? Was it within my abilities to secure the position to me?

I used to struggle with interviews – so worked on that and became superior to interviews, using my quirkiness to my advantage, l hid my fidgetty ways with excitement and zeal for the position, l curbed my enthusiasm and disguised it with passion. Then l went in, and said ‘This job is mine’, so in essence l increased my confidence levels expotentially by believing in my ability, experience and knowledge to get the role.

To many others  as in outsiders, they said l was overly ambitious, a ladder climber, very competitive! I was all of those things, but whilst they were eager to improve their income, l wanted to improve who l was, l wished to better the person l was. I wanted to see how far l could push my boat out in so far as achieving  everything l had to offer.

As a youngster, and by this l mean pre-teen whether l wanted to be or not, my Father forced me into becoming competitive with him – everything was a challenge that needed his Son to prove he could do it, and that really took the fun out of things and it wasn’t that l wasn’t, but with a domineering narcisst Father who had serious vanity issues, you were never going to be a winner, only ever a runner-up … if lucky!

So are you competitive?

Are you an active and cutthroat challenger and have to win, or just enjoy the fun? Do you find the likes of competitions overwhelming or do you lack confidence in yourself? Would you join in and give it your best? Or do you leave that side alone? When you do join in, do you think you’ll win or you might have a shot? If you lose – how do you feel? Are you more of the soloist entry or a group/team player? Are you or do you become motivated by seeing others taking part in challenges or competitions? When you are planning to get to somewhere are you punctual or a meandering soul – as in you’ll get there eventually?

What stops you from taking part in challenges or competitions, what makes you think twice? Alternatively, what entices you to take part?

Let me know your views  in the comments section below please.

Thanks Rory

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  1. Just mildly. I would take part in a challenge or competition if it suits me and I would think that it is within my capabilities.

  2. I remember a story about an international English Rugby Forward who was playing in his garden with his son. Apparently he accidentally broke the shed when he missed a tackle on his son. That’s being competitive.

  3. I’m hugely competitive in some areas and not at all in others. In school, I liked to beat everyone and mostly I could. It was a personal challenge to get the top grade in a class. I like to beat my own personal bests at various things too such as saving money in a certain way. But I’m not competitive professionally because it’s too stressful; I have always preferred easier jobs. I’m also not that competitive while playing games with friends. It’s more fun if everyone is happy and has turns winning.

  4. Hmmm… let’s see if I can figure out how to win best comment on this post 😉

    I tend to be competitive but in an unconventional manner.

    I don’t tend to enter competitions. The few times I have, I’ve come last due to not competing the way I was supposed to.

    I love creative challenges. But I only like the ones which hit a certain spot within me and I’m never sure what that is until a challenge hits it.

    Does not participate enough – was always on my school report card.

    I’m planning on winning blogging simply by outlasting everyone else. 😀

  5. I am competitive in a good natured way. No cut-throat, have to win… No thank you! I think the competition is more fun than actually winning. That’s if everyone is on the same page and good natured about it.
    I like both solo and team. Of course it depends on the team. I’d get upset and resentful if I felt every one wasn’t doing their share.
    My biggest constraint is time. My family, especially King Ben, demand a lot of my time and energy. I participate when I can. I get a little bummed that I skip some but I’ve made family my priority, so that’s the trade off.

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